Mog Madness - The Cloth Round! aka Round 1, FIGHT!

Thursday, March 22, 2012
In case you haven't heard, there's a little Mogging contest going on.  The first round ends the 23rd (so tomorrow) and I'm finally getting my shit together for a submission.  To find out more, you can check out:

For the judge's consideration, I have put together a little outfit I call 'Flames'.

My mage, Annanda, is a fire mage.  I am not a very GOOD fire mage, but goddamnit, she's a fire mage.  When she was undead, she was a frost mage, but now that she's a goblin, it's fire all the way baby.

I have a couple different screenshots, but they are all of the same outfit.  I wanted to take a set of screenshots of her in a fire-y environment and then another of her somewhere we can make out the details of her outfit.

Here, we have Annanda modeling for us in the magma fields of the Sulfurion Spire in Mt Hyjal.  She wears stately red, as this is the color of her preferred element.  (If she could tame Rag and lead him around, she probably would!!)

The set is as follows:

Head: Circle of Flame   Epic that drops off Ambassador Flamelash in Blackrock Depths.
Shoulders: Mantle of Tirisfal   Tier that drops off Void Reaver in Tempest Keep (I got these, and my alternate shoulders to both drop today. Wow!)
Back: Cape of the Fire Salamander  Also drops off Ambassador Flamelash in Blackrock Depths (I got 4 of these while farming for my hat!)
Chest: Robe of Evocation  Drops off Jergosh the Invoker in Ragefire Chasm (so easy to farm as Horde, Sorry Alliance!!)
Wrist: Bindings of Raging Fire  Drops off Selin Fireheart in normal Magister's Terrace, I was farming the belt (see below) and I got like 3 of these, didn't realize they were the same design/color as the other ones I wanted, was very nice to have 'appear'.
Hands: Cindercloth Gloves  As I don't have my tailor on my new server, I got one of my guildies (Hi Goro!) to make this for me!  It's a tailoring pattern!
Belt: Cord of Reconstruction  Drop off Kael'thas in normal Magister's Terrace. I finally got this to drop today!
Legs (which you can't see): Trousers of the Astromancer  Drops off High Astromancer Solarian in Tempist Keep
Feet: Coldwraith Boots  This is a BOE green you can get off the AH.
Weapon: Anything with Power Infusion because it glows red sometimes.  (Seriously)
Offhand: Frostbridge Orb BOE that drops Heroic Occulus.  I got like 2 in 3 runs I did in there!!

Pet: Phoenix Hatching from Magister's Terrace.  She was drawn to me because I like fire!!  (Her name is Ember!)

And here are some normal pictures, without fire in the background.

This is something I was going to post anyway, so I'm excited that I can put it towards this!!  Also, I totally got 3 pieces of this all finished up tonight, just in time!!!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I'm glad you posted some "normal" pics because honestly it makes the outfit stand out more.

    Of course, I'm also just happy you entered in the first place, and with our first Goblin entry so far!

  1. Karegina said...:

    Oh yeah, I know, I wanted them for scenery but I knew going into it that the outfit would blend right in :) I love this outfit too!! Was fun to make!

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