Mog Madness - Hunters and Druids - Round 2

Monday, March 26, 2012
As I mentioned earlier, I have made it to the 2nd round, the hunter and druid round.  We have to use either Glaive of the Pit or Marrowstrike.  I was able to pick up the Glaive off Mags my first shot, so yay there!

So, here's a pretty picture of Karegina, my main, dressed up pretty!  I chose to go with the Glaive of the Pit instead of Marrowstrike because of the fire-y effect on the weapon.  I also took the gold on the polearm and used that to put together the accents on the below outfit.  I also used the blue on the polearm as a base color for the general overall outfit.  And I loved the druid-ish markings on the kilt and gloves, so this just fell together.

My items that I'm using are the following:

Head - Ragefury Eyepatch - It's off Hurley Blackbreath in Blackrock Depths.  I picked this up eons ago.  So it was already in my bank!
Shoulders - Splinthide Shoulders - This is off Eviscerator in Blackrock Depths as well.  However, he's one of the bosses in the Ring of Law, which means he has a CHANCE to spawn and then a CHANCE to drop the loot, suck.
Back - Spore-Soaked Vaneer - I got this off Quagmirran in Slave Pens (normal).  That took me like 5 or 6 tries I think.
Chest - Tunic of the Nightwatcher - This comes from Swamplord Musel'ek in The Underbog (normal).
Bracers - Not shown so N/A
Hands - Starlight Gauntlets - Luckily, this came from Hungarfen who is also in The Underbog (normal).
Belt - Belt of the Deep - This is a quest from Zul'farrak, "A Fool's Errand".
Legs - Kilt of the Night Strider - And this comes from Broggok in The Blood Furnace (normal). 

Here are a couple more pictures for full around views:


  1. Navimie said...:

    Karegina that looks FANTASTIC!! And because you're Tauren I am going to cheer for you this round!

  1. Kamalia said...:

    Wonderful! The blue main color and bronzey accents of the pieces you've chosen work great with the polearm. Well-done!

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