10 to 85 Project

I've noticed that a couple of other bloggers were talking about their drive to get one of each class to 85.  I've had that drive since BC but I didn't know how to go about doing it.  Now, I finally do.  And this is what I've got right now:

Blade's Edge
Karegina - 85 Tauren Druid                     Dinged 12/09/2010
Annanda - 85 Goblin Mage                      Dinged 06/27/2011
Kaiakalama - 85 Orc Shaman                  Dinged 12/02/2011
Zaleda - 70 Blood Elf Warrior
Roseria - 60 Undead Hunter
Gazley - 20 Goblin Warlock

Asmini - 85 Blood Elf Priest                     Dinged 01/17/2011
Sinia - 85 Blood Elf Paladin                      Dinged 10/16/2011
Duvessa - 85 Undead Rogue                    Dinged 11/15/2011
Paraptraz - 84 Troll Death Knight
Arcina - 80 Blood Elf Hunter
Laera - 75 Undead Warlock
Gazley - 74 Goblin Warrior
Zillarinzul - 70 Troll Warlock

Since moving servers, I have transferred my mage, shaman (with a rename) and my druid to my new server (with all my heirlooms).  So I'm starting over with my hunter, my warlock and my warrior.  I'm not going to start over with my death knight because I'm less then 1 level away.  I'm going to to go back to my older server and finish her up.