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Thursday, January 12, 2012
Last night was raid night.  As it is every Wednesday night, except for holidays.  And we were short people.  Again.

This time it was a warlock we were missing (he's got RL aggro) and a death knight (who cancelled his subscription but didn't tell anyone until someone said HEY! DK! Are you okay??).  We begged our other pally tank to stay up late and come tank for us but that only filled 1 spot.  So we raided Dragon Soul with 9 players for the first 4 bosses.

Our raid team at this point is pretty much the same week after week.  However, if some one gets sick or get hurt or has a family emergency or is just exhausted and at the end of their rope, we have no one to 'sub' in.  The idea of 'subs' boggle my mind.  Since forming Ascension in 2008, we have rarely RARELY ever had enough people to form a full 25 or 10 man.  As my favorite resto shaman says "Ascension, trying to raid since 2008".  It's exhausting.  If we were trying to do 25's, I'd probably have quit by now.

I just took an 'inventory of our guild via our webpage.  We have 10 people raiding, we have 1 person who can come in and raid as needed if they don't have to work early in the morning.  We have 5 who are active but won't raid and 1 who is active but not level capped.  Then we have 15 inactive players.  Mostly friends and family.

What does this mean?  Well, it means we need to recruit.  However, the pool of 'talent' on our server is pretty light.  So that means we have to do something to shine enough to attract someone off server.  And honestly, I just don't know how to do that.  As Vidyala wrote yesterday, recruiting and being the leader of a guild is hard.  My guild leader tried for years to pick our guild up off the ground and get it fly but it seemed that people didn't want to.  They wanted to just to do enough get by, not to excel.

However, we're now down to 10 people.  And they want to see the content and move forward.  They're getting burned out and while running LFR is great, it's not the same as seeing the content with your guild (so I've heard, I'm still a LFR virgin).

So.  If you or someone you know is looking for a guild, Ascension is recruiting.  Let me give you a little blurb about us.

Ascension was formed in October 2008, just before the Wrath of the Lich King expansion.  We are a guild formed by a bunch of real life friends who wanted to raid their own way.  While some of us have moved on, the core is still made up by 5 of the original members.  Our guild leadership has passed to Shonokoko, who is an awesome resto shaman and a wonderful person.  She's my best friend and I'd do anything for her.  Our healer 'core' is myself and her, while our 'tanks' are my husband, Paliclaus and either Awnia (who is our sub tank) or Alama (a prot warrior, who at this point is fury-ing up the world).  We have some wonderful ranged dps in the form of Bachue (with a funny e. She's a shadow priest), Kahlanah (a warlock of some flavor, it changes daily), Pyrodoom (fire mage, in a big blue dress) and Nightimes (another warlock of some flavor).  Our melee is Indale (a rogue) and Zaraing (a unholy DK).  This is who we have left and I know that they would love to see more people joining us.

We have been struggling with attendance issues since Cata hit.  As such, we barely got into BWD/TotW/BoT before the nerf.  We did manage to down all the (normal) bosses before we moved into Firelands, where we did manage to down Ragnaros after the nerf but before Dragon Soul came out.  We are currently 5/8 and were able to do 4/8 with 9 people!!

We are a Horde guild on Madoran which is a Central time server.  We raid at 9pm server time and go until 12:30am.  Our guildies are scattered all over the country but a bunch of us are West Coast.  (Hence the late start time, some of us don't get home until raid time some nights.)

We don't have a lot of people on during the day but generally there are people on in the evenings.  If you want to talk, you can roll a toon and talk to anyone in the guild.  If they don't know, they can point you to one of the officers.  My husband and myself are almost always on in the evenings in one form or another.

Or you can go to our website and check it out.  As for recruitment needs, we're pretty much looking for anything.  Ranged, caster, melee, tank, even a healer.  If we get a healer that wants to heal full time, I can go boomkin and blow shit up!  I don't care.  I just want to raid!

Okay. Recruitment blurb over.  I also have another question.  I'm a complete noob when it comes to blogging.  And I know that not everyone does what I do and goes to each page on a daily basis to see if there is a new post.  I heard there's Google Reader or something.  Is that any good?  Can I get it on my phone?

Help.  I'm lost and confused in the big wide world!  And now, I'd best get to work.


  1. Saga said...:

    I use Google Reader, and I find it very good. I use it to create my Blogroll as well (it's much too big by now to fit on a side bar!). It's easy to use, and a great way to see new posts.

    There's also an app for your phone, and while it won't give you as many options as the web version, it works well for reading :)

    Regarding your guild issues, I can relate. My guild has a roster of about 10 people as well at this point, which of course means that any time one person can't raid - the guild can't raid. It's frustrating, but recruitment is difficult. Best of luck with yours though! There are good people out there, it's just about finding them I guess :)

  1. Xylaria said...:

    I also use Google Reader and am very happy with it... Before, i was also just bookmarking all different blogs and trying to check them all, but I'm really loving Reader now instead.

    On my Android phone, i have the gReader app, but I barely use it, as I try to save all the blogs for the moments when I don't have anything to do at work

  1. This is what I've been doing. Just bookmarking them and trying to read them all there. Drives me crazy though! I installed Google Reader on the phone and am currently going through and setting it up. :)

  1. My best friend got SO EXCITED when I mentioned I need to figure out a reader. She and I talked about it on the way home last night. I love it :)

  1. Alyred said...:

    Actually, our raid times are 9:00 PM Server to 11:30 PM Server. :)

    As far as google reader goes, the nice part is that you can have the google reader set up, and then use other apps to actually read your news feed from there. For android, check out D7 Reader -- there's a free (ad supported, as in beer with .. uh... floaty-things in it? OK, analogy breaking down here) version, and a pro version that costs $1.99 or so. It organizes the feeds a bit better than the Google one. And you can have both installed at the same time to try it out without hurting either.

  1. Are they that? Shows what I know. Trying to recruit when you're half out of your mind is awesome fun! :)

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