Friday, January 13, 2012
So, in my last post, I got completely distracted from a couple things I wanted to say by a recruitment post.  Oops!

In my raid group, we have lot of people who have a number of alts.  Our shadow priest just got one of each class to 85.  (Note, all of them are blood elves, except her shaman (goblin) and druid (tauren).)  So, when we decided to stop after downing Hagara, everyone was asked if they wanted to bring in their rogue alt before we killed her.  So, myself, our sub pally tank, and our shadow priest flipped to our alts and went came into raid to pick pocket Hagara.  The funny part about all this?  If you try to pick her pocket right after someone else, it says her pockets have been picked.

So, our shadow priest's rogue and I are standing behind Hagara and suddenly FAN OF KNIVES!  And the shadow priest's rogue lies dead at my feet.  I started to laugh, tried to pick Hagara's pocket and lo, there was the ring.  So the husband ressed our shadow priest and she goes back in to try to pick the pockets again, not knowing that I already did.  So she ends up dead again.  Poor girl.

So, now, 10K lighter in gold, my rogue will end up with really nice daggers so I can go BACK to assassination.  (I went combat from 81-85 since I lost my heirloom daggers at that point.)

This weekend, I think I'll finish up my death knight to 85 and see about getting my warrior to 80.  Then I need to ask the husband what he wants to level next.  He might pick his rogue.  Which would be fun.  If I can get my troll warlock to 80 and my warrior to 80, I'll only have to level everyone through the Cata zones!  Right now, everyone is at least in Wrath zones, except my 'extra' alts that I like to play.

Also, I'm resisting the siren call of my Alliance toons.  I want to go level them a bit but ugh. I just can't get over there!!

Anyway, last night we went back through Firelands and managed to clear the entire place in 2 hours.  Which is really good for us.  We pugged two people (a hunter and a holy pally that used to be in our guild) and I went boomkin.  Much to the holy pally's disappointment apparently.  Heh.  But. I got to boom.  I wasn't great and while I was at the bottom of the pack, I was still above the tanks. I did between 15K-19K depending on the fight.  Some of them I did really little because I wasn't flying around or I was unsure what to do :)  And this whole avoiding vent for my headache is really sucky.

And now, I'll spend some time working on labels for my posts.  Yay!


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