The End is Also the Beginning

Monday, January 30, 2012
Six and a half years ago, I installed a video game.  I walked into it with no idea what to expect, with only a single friend (that I knew from a forum) to guide me through it.  That was a beginning.

Tonight, I sit here, looking at my monitor, watching the accumulated horde of crap that I have saved since Vanilla sell on the Auction House.  I flip between my two bank toons and my main, then my main alt.  Each flip gives me more gold and each minute brings me closer to the time I will log off.  I've hunted down my heirloom pieces, I've gathered mats for bags.  I wrote the single in game mail that I will send to the single person who this will probably surprise.  This is an ending.

Tomorrow, I transfer my main from Madoran to Blade's Edge.

I've left a lot of servers over the years.  My first Alliance server, where my friends had pretty much all stopped playing or transfered off.  My first Horde server, where my guild all took the free realm transfer (and thus brought me to Madoran).  My second Alliance server, where the guild drama drove my husband and myself back to Madoran.  But, as you can see, it was to Madoran that we came and to Madoran that we built ourselves a home.

I have history here.  And while it wasn't always good, it was my history.  I learned to play here.  Karegina was raised here (however, she was born on Aggramar) and my husband's first Horde toons were created here.

Over the evening, both my husband and I have started typing things into guild chat.  But neither of us can tell the remaining guild that we're leaving.  The words just won't come.  I don't know what I would say to these people.  "So long and thanks for all the fish"?  And we're not completely leaving, we're only taking our mains out.  However, since those are our babies, we are taking our hearts away.

Tomorrow, I will log on my bank alts, transfer what gold I have left to my druid and then server transfer her away.  And it will be a beginning.


  1. I wish you luck in the new server :P

  1. Saif said...:

    Good luck! Seems like quite a few people are going through this right now....

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