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Monday, October 17, 2011
We went back into the Firelands on Sunday and .....

Yay!  My guild is now 7/7 in Firelands.  It took us 4 tries total to down him.  And the 1st time we actually made it TO 3rd phase, we killed him.  Dear lord that was fun.  He dropped his bow (we only had a rogue in group, no hunter), some cloth gloves (I think?) and my tier piece.

I rolled a 92 and was like SQUEEEEE!!! but then the rogue rolled a 100.  Damn him!! However, both people in my tier group now have something so hopefully I will obtain the next tier piece.  If everything is fair.  Which it generally isn't.

We went in there with 2 prot pallies (one of which doesn't usually come as he works early the next day), a fury warrior (who usually tanks for us), a resto shaman, a resto druid, a shadow priest, a demo warlock, a afflication warlock, an assassination rogue, and a fire mage.  Our usual hunter wasn't there since it was Sunday and he has kids and stuff.

Also, killing Rag put most of us to 11999/12000 in Honored with the Avengers of Hyjal, well almost (we went and found some trash and killed it to get us to that, it was only 2 kills).  So first boss we down, we should get Revered (and by 'we' I mean 3/4ths of the raid).  Woo.

Question for resto druids however, is the trinket worth it?  Hell, are any of the trinkets worth it?  It's just spirit and I'm doing fine without it.  What should I do?  Do I get it or wait for one of the drops?  And for boomkins?  What about the caster dps trinket?  Is that good?  So confused!

Besides getting my Rag kill, my weekend was taken up with my pally.  She was about 3 bubbles from level 81 and has been there for about 4 months.  Well, this weekend, I picked her up, dusted her off and got her to 85.  She's a prot pally (and has been since her inception) but I put together a holy spec for her.  I also made her a full set of pvp holy gear that I will try out here shortly.  I have no clue how to heal on a pally so this should be entertaining.  I also made about 6000 gold while leveling, which I spent all of trying to level my blacksmithing.  Heh.

I did do some dailies on my priest however.  Who got exalted with the guild.  The husband bought her the valor bracers so now her only green from questing is her wand.  And I just noticed that her hands aren't enchanted.  I'll have to get on that when I get home from work.

Sunday was acheesement day.  The husband and I got a lot of acheesements from the Molten Front on my priest and his warrior.  Then, his priest and my pally got a TON of acheesements for questing in Twilight Highlands.  Plus our guildies were getting acheesements left and right.  It was epic.  And then ... we got our Rags kill!  Woo!

So yeah.  Good weekend.  Good jobs guys!


  1. Windsoar said...:

    Neither is a bad option if you haven't been very lucky for drops. I'm still using the rep trinket for my boomkin (along with the Darkmoon Card). I personally prefer Jaws and Eye, but an upgrade shouldn't be overlooked! :)

  1. Jasyla said...:

    Congrats on the kill!

    The rep trinket is decent for resto. I used it for a while and reforged the spirit to haste. The Int use provides a nice boost to output and the cooldown lines up nicely with Innervate every second time you use it.

    I have stopped using it now that I have Eye and Jaws, but I thought it was a worthwhile upgrade from my alchemy trinket that I was using before.

  1. Ooooh, that's a really good idea. I can totally do that! (Reforging the spirit to haste!) I got the eye, and I'm next in the for the Jaws (my resto shaman got it last time it dropped).

    So awesome :) Yay! Thanks for the input guys! :)

  1. Mia said...:

    Grats on the Kill. My guild did like two attempts last night on Rag before we had to call :( The first time, people were having lagg issues, but we still came really close. The second attempt, we had to 23 man in because one of our healers got a 2 inch gash on his hand. He had to go to the hospital, and someone had to go pick up their mother XD

    Very frustrating...but I think we'll down him tonight! I noticed I survived a lot longer as Discipline than as Holy XD So I have a good feeling about tonight!

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