It's already Wednesday?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011
My week is flying by.  Of course, technically it didn't start until yesterday (I work in the mortgage industry, so we close our office on all financial holidays) but still.  And yesterday was a very busy day at the office.  Today doesn't seem much different.  Except I have 10-15 minutes to myself every hour or so.

This last Sunday, we managed to round up 10 guildies and went into visit Rag's for 2 hours.  We got to phase 2 often, and even managed to get to the 2nd transition phase once.  Our problems seemed to be people popping magma traps just before Hand of Ragnaros and then people trying to slow the Sons of Flame instead of just killing them.

It was a good 2 hours and I was content with our progress.  I think we'll get it soon!

Other then that, I picked up my level 85 priest again.  I respecced her 2nd spec from disc to shadow so I could do dailies by myself and even go dps for our new disc priest that we got.  (I need to get her better gear.)

I also spent some time on my mage, running around the world farming herbs for our cauldrons.  Between Sunday and Monday, I farmed up something like 144 stacks of herbs and 400 volatile life.  After doing that, I went to Uldum and Tol Barad and fished up 8 or so stacks of Fathom Eels for the guild bank.  So yeah.  Busy weekend.  Lots of farming.

Tonight it's more Firelands.  We have a full 10 guildies for the next 2 days.  So we're doing good there.  Awesome!!


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