Healing Baleroc and Lord Rhyolith?

Friday, October 21, 2011
In my raid group, we have been having the most problems with Baleroc and Rhyolith.  With Rhyolith, it seems like the healers are constantly chasing after the dps, to the tune of other dps dying since we're moving and not healing.  On Baleroc, we're running out of mana before we kill him and various other things.  However, last night we shifted our strategy a little bit and managed to succeed immediately.

First we hit Rhyolith, and wiped 5 times.  We (myself and my resto shaman buddy) had a hard time keeping all the dps in range.  We end up with a mage on the edge, a hunter on the other edge, the tank with adds on another edge and magma flow in the middle and we just couldn't reach everyone.  I know that at one point I was chasing the hunter and the tank but I couldn't reach either of them because while I was running after them they were moving to avoid magma flow AND volcanoes.  ARGH!  Eventually I yelled at my husband that we just can't do this, people are too spread out.  So my husband calmly explained to people that if they wanted heals, they needed to stay more in the middle.  They did and lo, we downed the boss the next try.  AND no one died.  *facepalm*  Why do our dps try to make my job more difficult?  (To any of my dps that might be reading this, I do love you guys.  But don't try to out range us!  You want heals, we want to give you heals, don't make us fight for it!)

Then we moved onto Baleroc where we wiped 4 times before getting him down.  Let me explain our strategy on this boss.  We two heal it, with a resto druid and a resto shaman.  What we've been doing is having the druid (me) heal the 1st torment shard completely, then switch and have the shaman heal the 2nd torment shard completely and so on.  This would work sometimes but more often then not, my shaman buddy would be out of mana by the 3rd time it was her turn to heal the tank.  The tank would take decimating strike, the shaman would be out of mana and the tank would splat on the ground.

What we ended up doing was switching our shard order.  The time we succeeded, I healed the tank first and my shaman healed the shard first.  When I did that, I realized that healing the tank first, without the benefit of Vital Flame is a pain in the ass.  No one my fellow healer was running out of mana.  (And resto shaman's have really crappy mana regen.  While I think holy pallies have pretty decent mana regen (at least right now), I do believe that resto druids are right up there too.  My mana regen is decent right now.)  I feel like a fool for never looking into the fight closer to see how we can succeed at this better.  So, next time, I'm going to insist that I take the first tank duty, and I want to see if we succeed in one shot.

We did end up making it through Staghelm last night.  He dropped his fire kitty staff, but we had 2 hunters in our group so I didn't get to have it.  However, the hunter who won it let me hold it for a moment.  But I didn't turn into a fire kitty upon shifting into my cat form.  So I looked it up and it turns out you have to be in combat to get the fire kitty buff.  Boo.  I gave it back and when the hunter offered to take me somewhere that I could get into combat so I could be all "FLAME KITTY", I declined and thanked him and told him I will have the staff someday.  We generally only run with 1 hunter and the other hunter we had with us got the BOE polearm when she was running with her husband's raid team.  I do love my guildies!

The husband and I finished up all our Hallow's End acheesements on our mains.  And now we're going to do them on my priest and his whoever he wants to take.  I want my priest to be Asmini the Hallowed.  I have such a good time running around doing the 'visit all these places' quests.  It's really enjoyable for me!  And now with flying, it doesn't take all day!  And maybe this weekend I can do some dungeons?  Maybe someone will come with me?

And again, all you Blizzcon go-ers, I'm really jealous!


  1. Saga said...:

    I can see how you had issues on Rhyolith if people were spreading out. We made a rule early on where we put a mark somewhere and basically told our dps and add tank that "this is roughly where you'll be - don't stray too far or you don't get heals".

    We then have one healer running with the melee on the legs to make sure they don't get out of range either, and it seems to work. :)

    Baleroc I can't say much about because we're still 3 healing it. I guess we could try 2 healing, but we have 3 healers and none of us have a good dps spec so we just find it easier to 3 heal *lol* (I guess we're lazy)

    Have fun finishing your Hallow's End things on your priest :)

  1. If we'd have been smart, we would have done that. But we're Ascension! We brute force our way through things and then wonder why we can't do fights with more finesse! ;)

    We kind of have to 2 heal things since we only have 2 main spec healers. We have a shadow priest who blows bubbles at us when we need her too. But generally, it's just me and my shaman! :)

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