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Thursday, October 6, 2011
So, my wonderful guild went into Firelands last night with a full crew.  No need to pull in any pugs, just us.  We hit Baradon Hold first, which let me get my valor point neck piece (the last thing I need is my pants and I'm hoping they drop off Occu'thar).

When we moved into Firelands, we hit Spider Lady first (one shot), then Shannox (who was also a 1 shot, except that he bugged out halfway through our fight so he reset and we had to pull again), then Lord Ryolith (again, a 1 shot) and finally Bird Bitch (also a 1 shot).  That had never happened before.  Our offtank/guildleader (actually, I don't know if he's still guildleader.  I think he might have passed it off to his wife, my resto shaman buddy.) started saying silly things like "I think that he *puts on sunglasses* burned himself out." when we killed them.  It was really really funny.

So, we got 3 shots in on Baleroc.  We got him to 20% but us healers weren't communicating very well.  I thought we were switching every spark, she thought we were switching every person.  The idiot raid leader (my husband) tried to get our shadow priest and our mage to take a full spark but that didn't work.  They pretty much died at the end.  So I spoke rather firmly to him and told him that until we figured this out, stop trying to 'game' it.  I was annoyed.

The mage actually died while he was in a ice block.  I don't know how that happened.  Anyway.  We still have 1 more night of raiding and I'm pretty confident that we can down Baleroc quickly tonight.  Then it's on to Traitor Jerkface.  My day will be filled with research on Fandral.  Well, not all of it.  But probably my morning.

But still, 1 shotting all the bosses we've killed so far.  I'm so proud of us!


  1. Navimie said...:

    Yay for a full guild run! Ice block doesn't work or stop any damage for Bale, and though a shadow priest can take a full crystal with dispersion and whatever they still need a bubble/pain suppression or something to help them last it. But better luck next time! Grats on your kills Karegina :)

  1. redcow said...:

    Grats on those quick kills! I've only done Baleroc a few times and I always seem to screw up on the heal rotation >< I need more practice switching targets.

    Good luck with the rest of your attempts!

  1. HAHA! Thank you for that info Navimie! I'm going to rub my husband's nose in that like a bad puppy. ;) (I do love him, but he has enough ego for 10 people.)

    And Baleroc is UGH. I hate hate hate him. When 2 of your main heals don't stack sparks, it's annoying! ARGH :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    It's really the last 3 to 5 stacks which kill quickly. If you can use external cooldowns to keep the spriest alive until 20 then he can Dispersion the rest.

    Healers who can build stacks off that can keep tank healing for a long time. We would typically swap only 3 times: 1st shard, 40 stacks, then 80 stacks.

    It's important for the healers to know the swap plan but it also helps to have someone bossy calling the swaps. And always swap after a shard expires.

    Good call on the over-'gaming' and good luck!

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