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Thursday, October 13, 2011
Everyone has some kind of stress in their life.  It can be either good or bad.  And everyone has different ways to combat stress.  When you're not succeeding at downing a boss, be it a new one or one that you have on farm, stress levels rise, people get snippy and attitudes start to tank.

What brings this up is our raid last night.  We went into Firelands, one shot Beth and Shannox, and then proceeded to spend 30-45 minutes on Lord Rhyolith.  It was only 3 wipes and then a kill but jeezus.  It felt like everything went wrong there.  Sometimes people would die because they were on the other side of the platform and somehow both the healers were standing next to each other.

I ended up gritting my teeth and plowing forward stubbornly.  I would keep an eye on my shaman buddy and trust her to keep the tank in her sights and then I ran around and tried to make sure those errant dps didn't fall off the platform or stand in magma flow.  (I swear to God that magma flow has some kind of attraction that draws people to it, even if they're on the other side of the platform!)  By the time we downed him, I was in a piss poor mood and just wanted this to be OVER.

We then went to Alysrazor and split our groups.  But everyone ended up confused and after all the dps ended up on my side a couple times, sharp words were spoken in Vent.  Nothing too bad, I think, but it was a lot of someone (either myself or my fellow healer) saying "Is ANYONE going to kill this druid?"  We managed, despite all the screw ups, to one shot her.  (I even got a new healing trinket!)

So, then we were at Baleroc.  My shaman buddy and I arranged our rotation and we pulled.  We ended up wiping because of a combination of things.  Both my shaman buddy and I ran out of mana.  And no one ever bloodlusted/timewarped.  I really think we would have one shotted him had we remembered to bloodlust.

Anyway.  That took us 3 tries but we did get him down too.  And we moved onto Staghelm (since raid time wasn't over yet).  We had 1 new person, so husband explained the fight and we pulled.  We started out okay, doing scorpion form first, then kitty.  But when we grouped up again for scorpion form, people didn't group up together, they kind of spread out around him.  And then when they would leave the group to let their seeds explode, he switched to kitty form.  ARGH.  So then since people were mostly grouped up, he switched back to scorpion!  We had probably 3 or 4 switches in about  30 second time period.

And that was raid.  It was not our best night and I will take responsibility for my own failings.  I was feeling really sick and quite tired (I didn't sleep well the night before, as I was up over half the night with sick feelings) so I was not playing my best.  I ended up logging my priest on and doing Tol Barad dailies before I went to bed to try and destress myself.

While I was doing that, husband did some 5 man arenas with some of our guildies.  By the time he came to bed, he was frustrated and stressed.  When he PVPs, he comments about things a lot.  And honestly, it makes me wonder why he PVPs if all he can do is complain about it.  I swear that 9 times out of 10, he's saying things like "WHAT?" and "How can they DO that?" and "IMMUNE? How does that even work?"

And honestly, watching him PVP makes me never ever want to do it.  Way to go husband!!

Tonight it's Staghelm and Ragnaros!  We'll get Traitor McPoopypants down pretty quickly I'm sure and then spend the rest of the night on the Firelord.  Woot.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    My raid night on Tuesday wasn't good either. I mean it was a good raid night, but I was feeling so tired to the point of being useless. I set off some traps during the Shannox fight, and I wasn't really healing. I was pressing the buttons, but not pressing hard enough or quick enough to actually heal.

    I felt so horrible, and I ended up falling asleep putting my son to bed the next night. :(

  1. I think this week is just a generally a bad week. It's almost over and then I can just relax for a couple days before doing it all over again.

    And I've had those days where everything I do seems to be about half a second behind. I've caused more wipes because I thought I had pushed a button but lag caused me not to (due to my global not being reset yet). UGH! :)

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