6/7 in Firelands!

Friday, October 7, 2011
So, we went into Firelands again last night.  Our usual hunter dps wasn't free (he had to pick up his kids and do all kinds of real life stuff) so we picked up a guildie pally tank who happened to be free.  (He was with us when we first downed the Firebird but hasn't seen any of the earlier fights.)  So we get into Baleroc and after 3 tries, boom!  He dies.  There is much rejoicing and our rogue gets some shinies as did one of our warlocks.  (We have two.)

Then it was on to Traitor VonPoopyPants.  That only took us 2 tries.  We would have downed him in 1, but the call to spread out came a little too late and he flame scythed while only 3 people were in front of him.  So BAM death.  On our 2nd attempt, the only person to die was me.  But I had a soulstone so I popped back up, innervated (I was just about to innervate when I was smooshed, by a flame scythe), and moved to my position at the edge of the circle for kitty phase.

My shaman buddy and I worked out a nice rotation for our cooldowns.  During the 1st scorpion phase, I would pop tree form and wild growth for all I was worth.  During the 2nd, she'd drop spirit link totem and I'd pop tranquility.  And by then, he was dead.  So yay there.

We got the healing trinket, a pair of mail agility hands and a druid, death knight, mage and rogue shoulder token.  Since I'd been getting all the loot, I passed on both the trinket and the token.  Boy was that hard.  I love me some purples!!  But I only have 2 pieces that are 359 (my legs and a ring) and then I have 3 that are 365 (my trinkets and my weapon).  So that's not bad.

Speaking of my toon.  I went to askmrrobot.com and did a audit on my healing spec.  I'm not too bad right now.  My enchants and gems are all in line when what they suggest.  My haste is only at 1891 but that should change if I get the haste bracers and other pieces.  (My next, and last, valor points purchase will be my tier legs.  I'm still hoping they drop in BH!)  But since it's looking like I'll actually get my 4 piece, that will be awesome!  YAY!

Anyway.  We're going to try to go back into Firelands this Sunday (despite it being Thanksgiving in Canada) and smack Rag around a bit.  I'm going to go look up videos and strategies now.  We made a couple shots at him last night but didn't get too far.  People hadn't really looked at the fight (thinking we'd spend more time on Traitor VonPoopyPants) so we got 7 tries on him  (Which was only like 40 minutes I think).

But! Two new bosses in Firelands.  Only 1 left to go.  Then it's time for heroics.  And honestly, despite this being past nerf, it's before 4.3 so I'm pretty damn happy about that!


  1. Mia said...:

    Grats on the new bosses :) My guild also got into the 3rd phase on Ragnaros using 23 people. Keep it up! And you guys will be done in no time :D

  1. Jamin said...:

    Congrats on the new bosses also (as above)!

    Hopefully I'll get stuck into the Firelands soon,

    - Jamin

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