Peace and Quiet and Pandas?

Monday, October 24, 2011
This weekend was amazing.  The husband and I finished up my Hallow's End achievement on Asmini.  We did everything but the PVP part on Saturday.  (Did you know you can throw the pumpkins at people's heads while mounted?  Hanging around Stormwind's gates and going into Goldshire got me all the Alliance heads except the dwarf, which I have on another account.  So I logged her in and brought her out of Stormwind and BAM! Acheesement!)

We ended up queuing for Tol Barad so I could get my kills but apparently G.N.E.R.D.S are not eatable in TB.  So I got my first honorable kill there and while we lost, I had a really good time.  Shadow PVP is a lot of fun!  (And somewhere, my favorite shadow priest rubs her hands together and says "Come to the dark side!!")  We ended up in a Battle for Gilneas where I completely owned a death knight 2 or 3 times.  He was blood but with no PVP gear so I could kite him around (and everytime he'd death grip me, I'd do that psychic scream and fear him away while I would run away from him and dot him up!).  He couldn't get close to me to hit me and no one was hitting him except for me so he wasn't getting health back.  HAHAHA!  I had such a good time.  I'll probably be making myself some pvp gear now :)  But, I did get my acheesement and now I'm Asmini the Hallowed.

I ended up with a ton of gold after that.  So I started buying volatiles so I could make Karegina bigger bags.  I know, very exciting.

Another thing I got to do was take Asmini through ZG and ZA this weekend!  Apparently I'd bought/crafted enough gear to get her in there.  And gear dropped for her while she was in there too!  We went in a guild group, it was myself, my shaman buddy, her tank husband, her hunter sister and a new mage we got a couple weeks ago.  We did pretty well, one shotting all bosses in ZG up to the Panther lady.  We wiped a couple times on her because no one was interrupting her tears and I couldn't keep people alive because I'd run out of mana.  And I swear no one was using the lightwell!  Sad lightwell.

However, my shaman buddy stepped up and healed that boss for us so we could move on, I went shadow, the mage had to leave and the husband came in to fill her spot.  After we downed her (in 1 shot after that), I went back to healing and we one shot the rest of the place.  It was so fun.  We then queued again and got ZA.  We didn't manage to save more then 1 of the prisoners but we had a really good time.  I got a wand, a hat (with hit that I reforged into spirit), a ring and a chest piece from the quest.  PLUS, I got enough justice points to buy the blue shoulders from the justice vendor :)  I'm going to have my tank buddy (who was our GM but gave it up to his wife) make me the healing mace from the Molten Front patterns.

Besides that, I've spent my weekend talking to my friends and husband about the upcoming expansion.  I'm really excited for it, it looks amazingly beautiful and I'm definitely rolling a panda when it comes out.  I signed up for the annual pass on my main account and if I end up making my priest my main in this expansion, I'll move her over onto this account.

I'm a little nervous about the current set of talents for druids.  I really don't like that they are forcing us to choose to be a tree.  I rolled my druid so I could be a healing tree.  Now I'm a cow that sometimes goes into tree form.  Soon, I won't even be that?  I don't see the other druid specs having to choose to pick their form.  I'm feeling no love right now from Blizzard about this tree thing.  If we're a 'shifting' class, why do you only make 1 class shift all the time?  Why do the other specs get to sit in their different forms all the time? And telling me that they're doing it to let me see my armor?  I'm sorry, but druid armor is the ugliest armor ever!

Anyway, I could rant on that all day.  Overall, I'm happy with what I've seen for the expansion.  Don't let me down Blizz!!


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