More time on Ragnaros please!

Friday, October 14, 2011
It was back into Firelands for us last night.  Which was iffy since our 2nd tank (who is also one of my best IRL friends) had unexpected surgery on his left hand middle finger.  (He had a huge lump on his middle finger that would bleed profusely if it got bumped in any way.)  When he came into my office to show it to me (I work in the small town that his doctor is in), I expressed my concern about the pain and then promptly asked "Do you think you can raid tonight?"

My boss, who had just arrived, started to laugh and said I was cold hearted.  My friend said that my question isn't bad.  He would ask the same thing.  Which then prompted us to make the following jokes: "So, you've lost your arm, do you think you can raid tonight?" and "So, I see you've lost all your fingers and your eyes, do you think you can raid tonight?"  I do love my friends.

It turned out, that yes he could raid last night.  He was fat fingering everything but I told him that's okay, he fat fingers everything.  (Nothing is sacred between us.  I love him like a brother.)  We manged to 1 shot Staghelm aka Traitor VonPoopyPants.  And then went through the trash to Ragnaros (and this time, no one died).

We managed to get 12 attempts in on Rag.  Most of the time, it was dying to stupid shit.  Like on 2nd phase, when the seeds explode and you're supposed to group up?  Yeah. there was fire in the area just before Rag, so we grouped up more in the middle of the room.  But then Sulfurus Smash happened right on us and because the tank (my darling husband) told people not to move up to Rag's belly, half the raid wiped because they didn't see the fire on the ground that told you to GTFO!  Ah, it was fun.

So, we have put up a Sunday raid for more Rag attempts.  I am really hoping that we can get him down.  I heard he called my momma a fat cow.   Which may be true as I am a tauren.  But damn dude.  Don't be talking bad about my momma!

In other news.  My priest finally got the trinket from Tol Barad.  (I hate dailies so much!)  So now I'm going to force J to work on our Molten Front dailies for my priest.  I want the ring and the trinket so bad!  I already have a nice offhand (I kinda bought the BOE one off Shannox from my guild bank).  I want to take her into dungeons but I'm afraid no one will go with me and I'm really nervous about my healing!  I don't like pugs.  They make me nervous, even on my druid.


  1. Mia said...:

    You'll get Rag down soon! My guild only had about 3% left in our 25 mans. I'm not really looking for the heroic version of him XD

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