This is Hallow's End

Tuesday, October 18, 2011
And thus starts my husband's overachieving 'Gotta Catch Them All' mentality.  It's usually hidden by his complete and utter raid focus but every time a holiday comes around, I live with 2 weeks or so of constant achievement chasing.  At the end of Wrath, it was really bad.  I was actually surprised that he didn't set an alarm and get up to trick or treat every hour.  (Last night, he stayed up until the event went live on the server so he would have an extra chance at the mount.  Our best friend (our warrior tank) did the same thing.)

For example, Brewfest.  He had the achievement back in 2009 but every year he runs the boss repeatedly (because he has to have the mounts) and does all the dailies.  He even does them on his alts.  I want to say that his main and his shaman both have the violet protodrake and he is close to it on his warrior and his priest.  He actually takes time off work to grind out his holiday achievements.  (He takes every Children's Week off so he can do the PVP achievements on whichever alt he's working on.)

I'm actually quite happy with the way Hallow's End is this year.  There will be no stopping raiding every hour to let my husband (and honestly, our best friend the warrior) to go and trick or treat.  (While they never actually did this, the moment we stopped for our break during raid, both of them would hearth back to town to trick or treat and then need a summon back.)

I am also very excited about the black cat in a witches hat.  I'm going to be grinding out dailies on a couple toons to get that.  At least my druid and priest, probably my mage too.  So, I guess I can't throw too many stones.

The dailies, the trick or treating to candy buckets instead of innkeepers ... all these things show that Hallow's End will be much more pleasant this year.  Also, It will be nice to get that ring.  I don't have another 378 yet, so the 365 will make me happy.   (Also, I need the helm for my pally alt that I just got to 85 this weekend!)

Happy Hallow's End everyone!  May you get the loot and pets that you want!


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