About Me

I've been playing World of Warcraft since Vanilla, August of 2005 to be exact.

My first character was a gnome rogue that hit level 60 sometime in the summer of 2006.  Yes, it took me a year to level 1 character to max level.  I had made about 20 other alts that I loved and I would level to about level 30 and then stop.  At that time, I was more interested in playing the game and seeing everything I could see then actually playing the raiding game. 

My second serious character was a undead mage.  She was my second level 60, and my first level 70 and I loved her so much that I made a human mage and leveled her to 70 next. 

Then my husband decided he wanted to start playing.  So, I made a spacegoat priest and I got her to level 56 before we switched to the Horde to play with all of our real life friends. 

I picked up a old alt that I had leveled before BC came out, my resto druid.  I had always wanted to raid on a resto druid so when I got to level 70, I specced her resto and started raiding Kara on her with my friends.  Because we were short on tanks, I ended up switching specs almost every week, going between tree and bear and even cat, whatever the guild needed.  I quickly fell in love the my little cow girl.  She was my first 80 and I healed all the way through Lich King on her.  She got her 10 man bone drake a couple months before Cata came out.  She is also my first level 85 and I'm currently healing Cata raids on her.

As for the player behind the cow, I'm in my early 30's and working in the mortgage industry.  I'm married to my high school sweetheart and we've been married for about 12 and a half years.  I have bipolar type II, which means that I don't get insanely manic and have episodes where I think the sky is raining pudding and the sun is made of oranges, but I do have severe depressive episodes that suck my energy.  I was diagnosed in 2007 and since then, things have been a lot better.

I have no children, but I have a beautiful fur baby named Dante, and another one that I'm co-mothering named Clyde.  Clyde is a punk but he is really sweet and can be loving.  Other times he can rip your face off.

I live in the Pacific Northwest, in a small town surrounded by other small towns.  I hate the rain but I love the beauty and can't imagine living anywhere else!

I'm not an expert in playing WoW, but I do love it and will be playing for many years to come, I'm sure!!