Furtive Father Winter Event 2011

Friday, December 30, 2011

I have been waiting on pins and needles to see what someone would write for me for our Furtive Father Winter event that is being hosted by red cow rising for Blog Azeroth!  And this was worth the wait.  I love it.  Reading it brought tears to my eyes and I so appreciate this.  Thank you so much Draccus!  Also, you can find my gift to RennaissanceMan at this spot.

I have enjoyed and been honestly stretched beyond anything I have ever done in writing this piece for you.  I pray to Elune that you enjoy and are touched by the sincere heart I have hopefully poured into it.  The story is about your main character Karegina, a Restoration Druid, and the events on a special Winter's Veil night.  Please let me know if you would want me to continue to write or perhaps include you into the Saga in the future.
I have attached the Word Document file, but to make sure you get the story I am going to paste the entirety of it within this email as well.
Sincerely Wish You a Merry/Happy Winters Veil,
Draccus Moonsayer
A Winter’s Veil Night

The grass plains of Mulgore basked in the Sun’s rays by day and kept the ground warm during the night.  The open spaces afforded magnificent views between the tall cliff walls of this secluded valley region.  It was here that the Tauren, a tribal race of Warriors, Shamans, Druids, and other classes within their society, made their home after countless seasons of nomadic living.  The land had formed the tall Mesas that they would call Thunderbluff, a natural city in the sky.

Several hundred feet off the valley floor these multi level platforms held enough ground, rock, water, and resources that life could be established.  A thriving people built their homes, places of commerce, and centers for learning here.  Rope bridges and walkways connected the four giant pillars that crowned the surrounding landscape.

There were the three Rises that held a special place of importance to the Taurens: The Hunter Rise, The Spirit Rise, and The Elder Rise.  It is on the Elder Rise where Druids of the Plains are taught, equipped, and housed when not adventuring out in the world of Azeroth or serving the Horde’s summons.  While the Druids also have a home in the village of Nighthaven within the region of Moonglade, Thunderbluff would always call them back.

Tonight was no different to the hundreds of citizens and visitors passing through Thunderbluff on their travels, except for a small portion of the clan of Runetotem.  This Winter’s Veil night there were tears of departure and tears of joy over a life well lived.  While so many in the Horde were celebrating the season with green ribbon wrapped gifts and sugary treats, one particular clan was celebrating the greatest gift of all, family and the memories had.

A wise old sage by the name of Calmwinds Runetotem had passed on to be with the Earthmother.  The rituals for his body had been attended to by the elders of the clan.  The fire of his funeral pyre had been set ablaze at sunset according to customs.  His ashes had been gathered up into small pouches, that he wished members of his family to carry with them as a reminder of his peace and love he had in life.  Calmwinds was beloved by all and was especially important to his favorite great niece, Karegina Runetotem.

Karegina Runetotem had become a Restoration Druid and fought alongside her companions into the toughest of encounters.  Her healing ability has saved the life of her mate Paliclaus as well as several others over the years far past a recordable number.  She was regarded as a very promising raider and Tauren Druid before she helped slay her first dragon.

The challenges of a world constantly as war it seemed caused her a great deal of stress and anxiety.  She longed for the same serene inner strength her Great Uncle Calmwinds carried with him all his life.

She sat near a small, crackling fire that warmed her against the chill of the night.  In her hands she held a small pouch of ashen remains, all that was left of her hero and mentor.  She looked out from her view on Elder Rise and let the tears flow down her face.

“How am I going to have your joy now that you’re gone Uncle?” Karegina whispered to the wind.  She knew she had much to be grateful for and that in time the hurt would subside.  “You were the Tauren that believed and encouraged me to become a Druid in the first place.”

The soft, wet muzzle of her faithful pet, Dante, nudged her arm. He was a large wolf companion that had travelled with Karegina in all of her travels.  He had been found on the dry plains of the Northern Barrens when he was but a pup and her only a budding calf.  Their friendship was a treasured bond between animal and master that had occurred since the dawning of life on Azeroth.

“It’s okay Dante. Mommy is just sad over losing a dear family member. You remember Great Uncle Calmwinds.  He used to feed you scraps of Plainstrider meat from the table at banquets.”

“And you used to steal bits of Cornmash from the table as I recall Karegina.”  A strange and gruff female voice sounded from the shadows of the nearest tent.  The outline of the stranger’s body in the shadows was much smaller than a Tauren, and her voice was nothing like her husband’s race of dignified Blood Elves.

“Who goes there?  Only an unkind soul would disturb another’s stolen moment of grief on this chilly Winter’s Veil night.” Karegina said standing up now and reaching for her staff.

“Peace sister I did not want to come when the rest of the family was grieving the lost of our Uncle Calmwinds Runetotem.  I…… I thought it best if…… we meet alone.”

“Sister!  Sister!  How dare you claim to be my long lost sister!”  Karegina responded with anger in her voice and a stance that a warrior might have taken against a foe.

“Annanda was my only sister.  Although she was a Forsaken Mage schooled in the ways of battlegrounds and violent Arena life she had more guts and backbone to face a person head on and not slink about in the shadows like a Rogue.  Show yourself!”

“Karegina please hear me out before making a rash decision or judgement.  Okay?  I am your sister Annanda.  I have been away for a very long time and have undergone…… a rare experiment that has permanently changed the way I look.”

The person in the shadows stepped forward into the light of the fire.  A Goblin woman in expensive robes stood as tall as she could and looked directly back at Karegina.  The glowing dagger and wand on her belt would easily be recognized as a seasoned Gladiator’s prize.

“I am no longer Undead sister.  I am nothing like my former self in body, but who I am as a person still remains.  The Goblins and Forsaken have come up with a risky blend of engineering and necromancy to forever alter a person’s physical body.”

The Mage reached into the breast pocket of her elegant robes and pulled out a single ring. This ring was decorated in the finest craftsmanship any Horde jewel-crafter could make.  It was a sister ring, where two rings were fitted together like vines weaving together in a locking fashion.

“I kept our ring with me during all my travels.  Throughout Outlands, the frozen lands of Northrend, & even into the Elemental Plains.  It has been a source of comfort and a constant reminder of the joys of family.”

The Tauren Druid reached into her belt pocket and removed an identical ring.  Her sister ring.  The same one she had crafted for her beloved sister before she disappeared through the Dark Portal into Outlands so many years ago.

“Annanda is that really you?” Karegina said with uncertainty in her voice.  With an ember sized hope she reached for the chance that at last she would be reunited with her beloved sister.

“I am home sister.  If just for the holidays, I am home.”

The two embraced in an overwhelming emotional hug.  A large and powerful Tauren Druid held a small sized Goblin Mage in her arms as they both cried tears of joy.  As the snowflakes began to descend and the air became colder, two sisters were reunited on this special Winter’s Veil night.

What the PvP?

We ended up calling raid off last night due to the fact that we were a couple of people down (including both myself and our other main healer).  So instead, my husband begged me to come to Tol Barad with him on my shadow priest.  I figured what the hey, it couldn't hurt right?  And if my head started to pound from all the flipping around and such, I could just go to bed afterwards.

So I get in, find where my husband was defending (Horde controlled it) and stuck with him.  (He was healing on his pallly.)  It was a fun match.  The Alliance couldn't commit enough of their forces to take our points unless they completely abandoned one of the others, so we just went in a circle the whole round.  And when we were done (we were at ICG when it ended), we went to the bridge and proceeded to make them sorry they were there.  Was quite fun and good payback for all the times I was trying to leave and got deathgripped back to a metric fuck ton of melee.

Then, our best friend (the warrior), another friend of ours (who usually plays a prot pally but decided to do this on his shadow priest), my husband and I went into some BG's to get some honor and such.

I can't remember the exact order of things but we got a Strand of the Ancients (Alliance won in about a minute 45), a Alterac Valley, an Arathi Basin, a Twin Peaks and an Eye of the Storm.  We won 2 of those.  And Oh. My. God.  How do people find this fun?

So, Strand, I really don't understand the basic mechanics here.  So we're trying to stop them from getting through the gates but somehow they have super magical properties that let them fly right through the gates without slowing down?  It boggles my mind.  And throughout all of this I get to hear from my husband who apparently doesn't know how spell lock outs work "HOW CAN THEY LOCK ME OUT OF MY INSTANT CAST SPELLS??"  Jeezus honey, they can do it, where you casting a long spell?  Yes?  Then bam, locked out.  It's not like your spells are nature and holy, they are all fucking holy.  L2heal.

But, the worst BG I have ever been in had to be that goddamn Arathi Basin.  I tweeted about it last night, while it was happening.  15 players and not a single one can be arsed to stop and cap Farms.  Of course, I'm one to talk, I didn't do it either but I'm a noob.  I don't think there are 15 noobs on this BG team.  I know the group I was rolling with was well experienced in BG-ness.  And then, the moment that no one capped Farm half the team went "GG Horde, WTF didn't you cap Farm for? Losers" plus other things that I couldn't understand because my adult language filter is on (AGAIN, jeezus Blizz).  And then we see "Alliance Dude has attacked the Farm" or something.  And then a little while later, the Alliance are hold 3 points while we have Mines and Blacksmith.  WTF, you go to Blacksmith but you can't fucking cap Farm?  /headdesk

And that just went downhill from there.  However, the best thing that I've ever seen happened while my team (minus my healer husband, which is typical) was guarding Mine.  A pally attacks our shadow priest buddy, buddy lifegrips our warrior to him (warrior was standing next to me at the flag, priest buddy was up on the little ledge behind the cart) and I life grip the priest buddy to me.  Take that pally, can't hit my priest buddy!  It made me laugh my ass off.  However, we still lost that match.

The funnest BG we did that night was Eye of the Storm.  The ENTIRE RAID went from point to point and took them.  And then we ended up leaving a few people at Mage Tower and Draeni Ruins (?) to pick the Alliance off when they ressed.  So, what happened was my warrior buddy and I stood at DR and held that point the entire match.  And for some reason, the stupid took over the Alliance raid and the flag carriers KEPT BRINGING US THE FLAG!!!  So we'd slaughter them and return it.  Also, the same toons kept coming after us, and each time we'd kill their healer and then kill them.  That resto druid must have hated me by the end of that.  Beat her down until she's half health, Arcane Torrent while continuing to beat her down, Silence her and then deaded.  Plus her warrior friend couldn't get to me to stop it because my own warrior buddy was working him like a job.  The two of us had a great time.  The two PVP noobs, kicking ass.  We got the 2nd and 3rd most HKs in the BG that whole time.

Then there was our adventures in Twin Peaks.  We had 4 healers, the Alliance had 4 healers.  The Alliance had a bear druid to carry their flag, we had a holy pally and my warrior buddy.  So, our entire team, minus the flag carrier and another healer, stood in our base while the rest of our team harried the crap outta the Alliance flag carrier and kept his team busy trying to kill us.  We won 2/0.  We actually ran out of time.  That was fun too, wasn't fun in the beginning.  2 disc priest, 1 holy priest and 1 resto druid are a PAIN IN THE ASS to kill.

And then, to round out the night, we went back into Tol Barad and defended it.  Apparently my shadow priest is very threatening because the melee kept trying to grind me to death but fears and 2 healers with my back fixed a lot!

So, lessons I learned last night:

2. Always kill the healers.
3. BGs aren't relaxing and as a result make my headache worse.  However, the adrenaline kinda counteracts that.
4. Being bait is fun.  It's even more fun when you have another priest to stand behind you and lifegrip you to safety when the Alliance commits to killing you and ends up getting their ass handed to them by a warrior and two shadow priests.  And a holy pally, when he was there.

One last thing.  Throughout all these fights, my husband was barely ever in the same place I was.  We'd say "Okay, defending Mine!" and then about 3 minutes later, we look around and no husband.  He's off at Blacksmith or Stables or maybe even in another goddamn battleground.  Who knows.  He has left me defending a node alone before and then was like "What?" when I get slaughtered by 2 rogues.  So I guess I learned something else:

5. Don't trust the husband when he says what 'the plan' is.  He doesn't not mean the plan for him.

Oh yeah. and this is officially my 100th post!  Yay me!

Year in Review - 2011

Thursday, December 29, 2011
2011 has been a roller coaster of a year for me.  I hit bottom (not rock bottom, I think I still have a couple feet to go) and have been helped back up with my friends and my guildies.  I discovered Blog Azeroth and the WoW Blogger Twitter Community.  So, let's go back shall we?

I started off 2011 as a fresh level 85 resto druid.  My guild was preparing for our first raid, which happened on January 19th, 2011.  We wiped all night while people were getting used to the new healing model and all that.  (Plus, our healer core at that time was myself and a resto shaman.)  We ended up having to add another healer, a holy pally, who was also in our guild at that time so we could continue.  The idea of having to 3 heal everything really sat wrong on my shoulders because my resto shaman buddy and I used to be able to HEAL ALL THE THINGS and now the two of us were barely doing half of the holy pally's healing (together).

We slowly progressed through Blackwing Descent, struggling up hill, in the snow lava both ways.

This is when I got upset enough that I decided to start a blog.  My plan was to use it to be sarcastic and bitter and mean about my guild.  But I decided it would be too hard to do this and keep it a secret.  I wrote one post back during ICC days, which ended up deleted when I actually started my blog.

Now, I can't talk about my WoW year without talking about a few health problems.  In March, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea.  Not very severe, but bad enough that I needed to get a CPAP machine.  This machine has completely changed my life.  We raided through April and ended up getting frustrated and people started to take breaks.

I ended up taking a break  (which I didn't apparently want to do, as I would stand over my husband's shoulder and weep when my loot would drop).  We lost our offtank in May, which was probably the best thing for us.  He was very contentious and would work everyone up into a frenzy and then sit back and be like "I'm just saying guys!"  He was also the brother of the holy pally we had as our 3rd healer and as a result the brother in law of our primary hunter.  As well as the husband of another hunter in our guild (who didn't raid).

After he left, a couple members came back and said "Okay, let's raid bitches!"  Our guild leader had spent his time leveling and gearing up his warrior so that she could tank for us if needed.  So he switched from his mage, who had been his main since he started playing, to his warrior.  And luckily, he has a good time.  Or so he says.

Just as we were starting to get into raiding again, the aforementioned holy pally and hunter left the guild to go raid with our old offtank.  We sucked it up and asked our shadow priest if she'd heal for us when we needed it.  More people had to leave for real life (it was summer after all) and we ended up completing tier 11 after Firelands came out, with the nerf, with a pug.  But we finally did it in August and then in September, we moved into Firelands.

And over that time, we had a warlock that raided with us all throughout Ulduar and ToC and ICC come back to our server and guild.  We gained a death knight (who now appears to be either hacked or gone), we have our usual crew and it's all great.  My guild, while we will never get server 1st or even be in serious progression, is wonderful and I love them.

As for me, I posted my first official blog post on February 10th, 2011.  I then had a hiatus while I got better and learned that I actually do like to raid.  (Seriously, sleep machine, best thing to ever happen to me.)  My second post was just over 4 months later.  It was basically a 'Yeah we're raiding, I hope no one counts on me to update this thing'.  But since then, I've written 100 posts (This will be post 99 that I've published.) so wow.  That's impressive to me.

This blog has been a place to share my opinion or what I'm doing where I know that someone might read it.  The fact that people read it boggles my mind repeatedly.  I've said it before, but since I can't even get my husband to read my blog, it surprises me that others do.  (Husband won't read it because he says he doesn't want to get all 'perfectionist' on me and miss my message because he's critiquing how I use a word.  He does that all the time!)

So, I'm expect that 2012 will be awesome.  If only because my guild is here, my friends are here, my new blogger friends are here and things will continue.  Awesome.

When is Undercity not Undercity? Plus Real Life!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011
So, this morning I hopped onto my druid and got on the zepp from Org to Undercity, so I could work on Silverpine Forest quests for a post I've got in the works.  It was just about time to go to work, so when I zone into Eastern Kingdoms, I fly to the Undercity courtyard.  And notice that I have no ZZ's in my little bubble that says what level I am.

So I fly out of Undercity and back in.  And I notice that the courtyard is no longer marked as a 'Horde Capital City', I.E there is no bright green text that says "Welcome to a capital city!" I fly across the moat (passing a player feeding the moat monster) and through the archways and suddenly "Welcome to the Undercity" or something in green text pops up on my screen.

So, now that this is a non-flagged area with no guards, does that mean that Blizz is going to remove the Ironforge guards the are outside in the non-flagged area in IF, the Stormwind guards that patrol and the Exodar guards that stand around the tables?  I think the only place that doesn't really have guards is Darnassus but you get flagged if you go there.  (I'm thinking of the Pilgrim achievement, Pilgrim's Peril.)

In other news, the husband and I went out caroling and that was very underwhelming.  Not nearly as hard as BB King.  We started out in Darnassus, landed on the archway that leads from the city proper to the rest of the tree area.  This was the only place we had issues.  We were barely in the city, we sang, but because I was checking to see if I got credit, some flying guards aggroed us and we had to out run them.  (We didn't die at all.)  Then we headed to Exodar, walked into the ramp way that leads into the city right next to the boat, sang at the wall, and got on the same boat we arrived on.

Then we went to Stormwind, sang ON THE BOAT! and flew to the Deeprun Tram tunnel.  Zoned in, rode the tram with a level 85 draenei shadow priest (didn't get messed with because I was in boomkin spec and the husband was a prot pally) and a baby gnome rogue.  I totally hugged that rogue!!  Then we walked into the portal for Ironforge, sang, walked back into the Deeprun Tram and hearthed.

Took about 20 minutes.  Wee.  Very not exciting for me.  I wasn't going to do it but the husband said I could use my new mount to fly him around.  So I did.

I wasn't able to play WoW a lot this weekend, my family is apparently very jealous of my time!  However, I loved spending time with them.  Everyone was on their best behaviors and I was the grumpy one.  The kids were wonderful and loving.  There's something amazing to me that I'm so loved by all these little people.  My best friend from high school has 5 beautiful children and when I'm around, I have 2-3 little girls hanging all over me and telling me they love me and petting my hair.  Makes me ache when this happens but I just soak it all up.

I'm on day 27 of a migraine.  Just called the doctor again and pleaded with them to send me to a neurologist.  I over heard my husband telling someone that he's really impressed with how I'm handling this.  That I'm being a real trooper.  And I'm trying so hard to just do things and get home so I can lay down.  We left 2 gatherings because my head was hurting so bad.

This post feels disjointed to me.  But I don't really care at the moment.  Maybe if my head explodes, I will feel better.  Let's see!!

Merry Happy!

Saturday, December 24, 2011
So, every year, my husband and I don't discuss presents.  With the economy, spending money between the two of us seems too much considering the line of work that I'm in (mortgage industry).  However, each year, one of us will sneak something small into the other one's pocket or shoes or what not.  One year, I got my Moonkin Hatchling, which is my favorite pet of all time and almost the only one my main uses.

So, tonight, after baking the last of the 8 pies I was giving to people and/or bringing to gatherings, I was tooling around in the Ruins of Gilneas, doing the quests there for the Horde, when I notice something.  I have a mail.  And it's from my husband.  Weird.  I ask him what it is and he just says "Well, you'll have to look won't you?"  I don't think anything of it but the fact that he won't tell me drives me insane, so I fly up to the nearest mailbox (The Sepulcher) and check it.

A festively wrapped package is attached and I take it out of my mail with a puzzled look.  "It's not Christmas yet" I think to myself.  "Did he wrap up some grey items and mail them to me?  He probably did, punk!"

And then I click open the package, and a single vial drops into my hand.
I have wanted this mount since Cata launch.  This makes my whole entire Christmas.  Being a druid, the fact that there is a 'form' out there that I couldn't be drove me crazy!  Now.  I'm a powerful drake, able to carry people around.  Watch out!  I will eat your mounts right up!  (Except the mechanical ones, those give me indigestion!)

Thank you my love.  Even though I know you won't read this.  I'm so glad you started playing WoW with me.  I love that something as silly as a in game mount and an in game pet are capable of making my whole life wonderful and my Christmas fulfilled.  I'm so glad that we are on this ride together!! :)

Happy Generic Winter Holiday!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
As you can see to the right, I'm participating in the Furtive Father Winter event that red cow rise is hosting.  I was excited and looking forward to it.  And then my victim's name landed in my email box.  Suddenly, all ideas for posts for my victim flew out of my head! WHOOSH!  So, I do what any rational person does when they're stressed.


However, it's now the 20th and I can send off my post at any time.  I asked the husband for ideas.  But after he started talking, I realized that I don't want a husband post.  If I were take his ideas, it wouldn't be MY gift.  It would be OUR gift and the husband can get his own blog if he wants to share his ideas.

However, as I was in the shower today, a couple ideas came to me.  However, I didn't write them down so WHOOOOOOSH.  Gone again.  I'm going to take another shower when I get home to try and recreate the post thinking experience.  (I do my best thinking in the shower, where I have no computer or paper to write things down.)

I have stalked, I mean read, my victim's blog.  So this will be a challenge for me.

And in other news.  Holy crap.  My previous post.  Jeezus guys.  I posted it at about 7:30pm on Sunday night.  I had a comment an hour and a half later.  That has to be a record.  And then Windsoar posted something about it on her blog.  And then MMO Melting Pot got a hold of it.  And now.  At 12:40pm on Tuesday, I have had 140 views just on that post.  I've never EVER had traffic like this.  And those of you with bigger blogs can just laugh at me.  But wow.  Just wow.

I commented on Windsoar's beautiful post that this I wrote this post in a fit of hopelessness.  I expected that my best friend (Hi sweetie!!) would read it, maybe our Legendary gathering warlock (I see you there too elfy poo) and maybe a couple others.  I braced myself for the reaction from those closest to me.  I thought that I was being brave by putting my feelings on this blog for them to see.

However, apparently I was being brave for a whole different audience.  Apparently what I wrote struck a chord with people.  People could relate to my pain, even if they didn't share my disorder.  I had tweets and comments being supportive and sharing advice with how to cope with LFR.  These things meant so much to me.  As I said in my own comment, I won't say "Hot damn, let's go LFR right now Bitches!"  But, the idea of it doesn't make my stomach clench and my eyes fill with tears.

So.  In closing, to everyone who is blogging about this, thank you.  God, I don't even know what to say.  There's so much I want to say but honestly, I just don't have the words.  To everyone who read the previous post, thank you.  I might be a whiny little bitch sometimes, but to know that I'm not alone means the world (of warcraft?).

LFD/LFR and Anxiety Disorders

Sunday, December 18, 2011
Blizzard came out with the Looking for Dungeon system back in 3.3.0 which was released on December 8th 2009.  For many people, this was wonderful and amazing.  Letting them play on their terms and on their time schedule.  For me, this gave me heartache and stomach pains.

Anxiety is the 'displeasing feeling of fear and concern' that people feel over many things, from small to large.  However, when that feeling comes all the time and keeps you from doing anything, you have crossed the line into a mental disorder.

Back in 2009, I tried to do LFD runs on my own.  I think I have done a total of 3 runs by myself since the system came out.  The rest of the time, I generally run with somebody from my guild.  However, as time has gone on, my ability to run in anything less then a full guild group has slowly disappeared.  My anxiety has slowly started to rule my entire life.

When I started to hear rumors of the upcoming LFR system, I thought that this was a great idea for the people who work weird schedules or have kids to take care of or just don't have a guild to run with.  However, now that it's out, I'm seeing more and more of my guildies say "Don't forget to run LFR this week and get some upgrades!"

Honestly, this has my heart in a vice grip.  The idea of going into a group where I know (at the most) 4 or 5 people makes me want to scream and then cry.  I have said "I don't want to go, thank you" but now I'm sitting on the side lines watching my best friends and my husband get their "Fall of Deathwing" and it's killing me.  In our raid group, the only person who doesn't have "Fall of Deathwing" is me.

Am I bringing my raid group down because I can't LFR?  If I want to progress, do I need to have a panic attack over a video game?  I don't know.

Also.  Does "Fall of Deathwing" even mean anything?  If you can go get it in LFR which is "more like finishing a heroic dungeon" then a raid?  My husband says that when we do it as a guild, the GUILD will get the achievement.  But ya know.  That's not the same.

I'm sick.  My medication appears to not be working.  I've had a headache since December 1st.  But, you can't see it.  I look fine, if a little tired and a little sad.  I seem quiet in the guild, when I try to be light hearted there is no response.

So, tell me.  Am I doing it wrong?  Do I need to suck it up and just deal with it?  Because by the Earthmother, if I knew how to suck this up I would.

Calgon take me away!!! Is that a thing anymore?

Thursday, December 15, 2011
Ugh.  Real life is kicking my ass something fierce.  Work is crazy, I've had a headache since the 1st (and it's now the 15th) and family things are getting me down.  My great uncle passed away a little bit ago and last Saturday was the family memorial for him.  A bigger one that is open to the public will be done later this month but it's the family one I went to and the family one that my heart wept at.  So, I've been rather sad the last little bit.

In WoW news, my guild progressed one step further in the Dragon Soul and downed the shaman that everyone says is a mage, Hagara the Binder.  Yay for that!  It took us a few attempts now that our warrior tank's finger is better.  It's not fixed, but it's not as hurt-y I think.  (He's going to become a super villain now with the amount of silver nitrate they keep pumping into his finger.  First his middle finger will turn silver, then his hand, then his arm, then part of his shoulder and chest and finally his head!  When he becomes a super villain, I hope he remembers me as the woman who sent soup to his house!!)

Tonight it's Ultraxion (healing team will be myself, my shaman buddy and my favorite shadow priest who also has a disc set) and hopefully after we down him, Warmaster Blackhorn!  I'm pretty excited about Ultraxion.  This looks like fun!

Anyway. It's 10 minutes to raid.  I'd best get moving!

Dragon Soul - Morchok Strategy (10 man)

Saturday, December 10, 2011
I know that people do this all the time.  However, when I was looking, I didn't see anything out there that answered my questions.  So, I'm going to do this myself.  I do know that there is already one 10 man normal mode 'bullet point' list.  However, here is the way we did it!

Raid Make up:

Tanks - Prot Pally and Prot Warrior

Healers - Resto Druid and Resto Shaman

DPS - Shadow Priest, Rogue, 2 Warlocks, Mage, and Death Knight

There are two phases for Morchok, a 'Crystal Phase' and a 'Black Blood Phase'.

During the Crystal Phase, the tanks flip him around so his back is to us and everyone groups up just at the edge of his hit box.  This let's his Stomp ability be spread out among everyone in raid.  This is pretty much a tank and spank phase.  The only 'special' things he does is put a Crush Armor on the tank (causing a tank swap) and drop a Resonating Crystal  that will require 3 targeted raid members to run to it.  The closer the targeted raid members are to the crystal, the less damage they will take when it explodes.  There will be 3 Resonating Crystals dropped during this phase.

Once the 3rd Resonating Crystal has exploded, the Black Blood Phase will begin and Morchok will pull everyone to him and drop them.  He will then throw out stone pillars (like the dragon in Stonecore does) and the raid will have to get behind them.  We have group 1 go to the left side (as you are facing Wyrmrest Temple) and group 2 go to the right side.  You'll have to line of sight a flow of 'Black Blood of the Earth' that Morchok spews forth.  Take in mind you need to stand a bit away from the pillars as the blood seeps around the base of the pillars.  This goes on for a little bit of time and sometimes ranged can still dps while being out of line of sight.  (We have one healer in group 1 and the other in group 2, so they get split in case someone stands in the blood, which we've had people do.  Mostly because they didn't realize they shouldn't hug the pillars!)

Then it repeats.  At 20%, he gets a 'Furious' buff.  Aka he does a mini enrage.

This is not a very hard fight.  However, this is my first strategy post, so I wanted to be easy.  We managed to 1 shot this boss, with no major research or anything.  I think only 1 person had gone into LFR earlier in the week.

More Dragon Soul Musings (plus more pictures!!)

Friday, December 9, 2011
When life gets busy, all sorts of things end up neglected.  Sorry blog.  I love you, don't forsake me!

Last night we FINALLY downed Warlord Poopyface (I mean Zon'ozz).  As many people probably already know, it took 3 healers.  We ended up having our pally tank (aka our raidleader, aka my husband) switch his offspec from PVP ret to PVE holy.  It took us a couple hours (IE most of Wednesday's raid and a good portion of Thursday's raid) to get him comfortable with pally healing but we finally got him.  

Pardon my slightly off-kilter screenshot there.  

So, we moved on to Hagara the Stormbinder.  Our best attempt was a 1% wipe.  SO CLOSE!  However, we were dealing with a bit of a handicap.  Our warrior tank had a lump on his middle finger that the doctor removed (for the 2nd time).  I can't remember what it's called but it's rather painful and bleeds all over the place when the lump is there.  ANYWAY.  He kept dying because he uses his middle finger on his mouse to move forward and he was having issues clicking it.  Poor guy.  He did remarkably well for not having a fully functioning middle finger.  (And saying that, he'll probably showing me how well it's functioning when he finds out I totally talked about it on my blog.)

Oh yeah.  Our rogue totally pick pocketed the boss.  Good job!!  On to the next step in our legendary quest!!!

In other non-raiding news, as everyone knows, the Darkmoon Faire has arrived!  I posted some screenshots the other day but I just wanted to post this.

It took me somewhere around 850-900 casts to get him.  But now he's mine and we can go travel the world together!

So, my warrior is in Outlands at the moment and as I'm traveling through Hellfire Peninsula, I notice that after 4.3 all my group quests don't say they're group anymore!

So I run to do Cruel Intentions (which is the Horde version of the quest to kill Arazzius the Cruel ). And he's not elite anymore! Wow! I run to do the Demonic Scryer quest. Totally soloable! Wow!

The Fel Reaver is still elite though. Sucks! He did try to sneak up on me, but I quickly mounted and flew out of his way.

And what would Outlands be without a couple of poop quests?

See my moonkin? She is thinking "Thank the Earthmother *I* don't have to do that!"

Anyway, back to the Dragon Soul raid. I love that the entrance to the raid is in the Caverns of Time. I really love that area. It's so beautiful.

However, when I was flying to to the top of Wyrmrest Temple, I saw the following things:

Yay! Deathwing is totally RIGHT THERE!! Awesome!

However, here we see him looking at our group of Aspects + heros + Thrall and he didn't even bat an eye. If it were me, I'd totally wash that platform with flame. Don't be an evil overlord and let the heroes plot and plan right under your nose! (Also, don't say something like "AND MY ONE WEAKNESS IS THIS SPOT RIGHT HERE BETWEEN MY SHOULDER BLADES!" That's just cheesy!)

I might post our strategies for the bosses we've downed so far. I'm not sure. I need to think about it more!!

Warlord Zon'ozz and other things ...

Sunday, December 4, 2011
On Thursday, my guild spent the evening bashing our head against Warlord Zon'ozz.  Multiple things contributed to our head bashing.  First one is that we tried to 'cheese' it and get a really long first bounce.  (IE have our shadow priest go back to the wall and bounce it back herself.)  That didn't always work and we ended up giving that up.

But overall, there just wasn't enough healing to keep everyone alive.  I looked at other successful raid groups and they had another 15000 hps then we were putting out.  Mostly because they had that 3rd person.  So our raid leader IE my husband is going to go holy for that fight, and we'll see how we do.

In other news, I got my shaman to 85.  Yay!  She had a fun time in Twilight Highlands with her bear boyfriend.  But her player did not.  I am seriously starting to hate it there!

However, she did have fun being a ghost wolf while her leveling partner was a kitty.

As for the Transmogging - I finally found an outfit for Karegina.

The helm is transmogged to the Helm of the Blind Seer.  My shoulders are the Passive Resistor Spaulders and my robe is the Stormrider's Vestment.  My gloves are the Stormrider's Gloves and my staff is the Frostscythe of Lord Ahune.

I also checked out the new instances.  I think visually, my favorite is the Well of Eternity.  Storyline wise, I like the Hour of Twilight.  However, I adore End of Time.  It is just awesome over all.  I like the fights, I like the way it all works out!

And then, last night the Darkmoon Faire arrived!

Overall, I love the atmosphere.  It's very creepy.  Which is right up my alley.

However, dancing bear.  That is just win right there.

And in alt news: Now that I've gotten Rokaria the shaman to 85, it's time to bring up the next baby.  And it's Arcina the hunter.  She's currently level 79 at the moment.  But that will change!  Hopefully I'll get her to 80 before bed.

That troll deathknight is my husband.  He had just manabonked me and was trying to get into the picture with the sheep.  Dork!

We were leveling in Sholazar Basin.  Which is beautiful!