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Friday, December 9, 2011
When life gets busy, all sorts of things end up neglected.  Sorry blog.  I love you, don't forsake me!

Last night we FINALLY downed Warlord Poopyface (I mean Zon'ozz).  As many people probably already know, it took 3 healers.  We ended up having our pally tank (aka our raidleader, aka my husband) switch his offspec from PVP ret to PVE holy.  It took us a couple hours (IE most of Wednesday's raid and a good portion of Thursday's raid) to get him comfortable with pally healing but we finally got him.  

Pardon my slightly off-kilter screenshot there.  

So, we moved on to Hagara the Stormbinder.  Our best attempt was a 1% wipe.  SO CLOSE!  However, we were dealing with a bit of a handicap.  Our warrior tank had a lump on his middle finger that the doctor removed (for the 2nd time).  I can't remember what it's called but it's rather painful and bleeds all over the place when the lump is there.  ANYWAY.  He kept dying because he uses his middle finger on his mouse to move forward and he was having issues clicking it.  Poor guy.  He did remarkably well for not having a fully functioning middle finger.  (And saying that, he'll probably showing me how well it's functioning when he finds out I totally talked about it on my blog.)

Oh yeah.  Our rogue totally pick pocketed the boss.  Good job!!  On to the next step in our legendary quest!!!

In other non-raiding news, as everyone knows, the Darkmoon Faire has arrived!  I posted some screenshots the other day but I just wanted to post this.

It took me somewhere around 850-900 casts to get him.  But now he's mine and we can go travel the world together!

So, my warrior is in Outlands at the moment and as I'm traveling through Hellfire Peninsula, I notice that after 4.3 all my group quests don't say they're group anymore!

So I run to do Cruel Intentions (which is the Horde version of the quest to kill Arazzius the Cruel ). And he's not elite anymore! Wow! I run to do the Demonic Scryer quest. Totally soloable! Wow!

The Fel Reaver is still elite though. Sucks! He did try to sneak up on me, but I quickly mounted and flew out of his way.

And what would Outlands be without a couple of poop quests?

See my moonkin? She is thinking "Thank the Earthmother *I* don't have to do that!"

Anyway, back to the Dragon Soul raid. I love that the entrance to the raid is in the Caverns of Time. I really love that area. It's so beautiful.

However, when I was flying to to the top of Wyrmrest Temple, I saw the following things:

Yay! Deathwing is totally RIGHT THERE!! Awesome!

However, here we see him looking at our group of Aspects + heros + Thrall and he didn't even bat an eye. If it were me, I'd totally wash that platform with flame. Don't be an evil overlord and let the heroes plot and plan right under your nose! (Also, don't say something like "AND MY ONE WEAKNESS IS THIS SPOT RIGHT HERE BETWEEN MY SHOULDER BLADES!" That's just cheesy!)

I might post our strategies for the bosses we've downed so far. I'm not sure. I need to think about it more!!


  1. Navimie said...:

    Hope your poor tank stops bleeding all over his kb so you guys can get Hagara down. Good luck and I didn't know Deathwing was at Wyrmrest! I will have to go look.

  1. Karegina said...:

    Me too! I'm really worried about him. He came to see me at lunch one day and we talked about it. This is his second bout with the bleeding finger. I worry :(

  1. Gladly said...:

    I love it too that we are using the Caverns of Time area again!

  1. Cymre said...:

    Ah, the Fel Reaver. He brings back memories. Nice to know a lot of those gp quests are now soloable. GL as you work further into DS.

    1% - So close!

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