When is Undercity not Undercity? Plus Real Life!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011
So, this morning I hopped onto my druid and got on the zepp from Org to Undercity, so I could work on Silverpine Forest quests for a post I've got in the works.  It was just about time to go to work, so when I zone into Eastern Kingdoms, I fly to the Undercity courtyard.  And notice that I have no ZZ's in my little bubble that says what level I am.

So I fly out of Undercity and back in.  And I notice that the courtyard is no longer marked as a 'Horde Capital City', I.E there is no bright green text that says "Welcome to a capital city!" I fly across the moat (passing a player feeding the moat monster) and through the archways and suddenly "Welcome to the Undercity" or something in green text pops up on my screen.

So, now that this is a non-flagged area with no guards, does that mean that Blizz is going to remove the Ironforge guards the are outside in the non-flagged area in IF, the Stormwind guards that patrol and the Exodar guards that stand around the tables?  I think the only place that doesn't really have guards is Darnassus but you get flagged if you go there.  (I'm thinking of the Pilgrim achievement, Pilgrim's Peril.)

In other news, the husband and I went out caroling and that was very underwhelming.  Not nearly as hard as BB King.  We started out in Darnassus, landed on the archway that leads from the city proper to the rest of the tree area.  This was the only place we had issues.  We were barely in the city, we sang, but because I was checking to see if I got credit, some flying guards aggroed us and we had to out run them.  (We didn't die at all.)  Then we headed to Exodar, walked into the ramp way that leads into the city right next to the boat, sang at the wall, and got on the same boat we arrived on.

Then we went to Stormwind, sang ON THE BOAT! and flew to the Deeprun Tram tunnel.  Zoned in, rode the tram with a level 85 draenei shadow priest (didn't get messed with because I was in boomkin spec and the husband was a prot pally) and a baby gnome rogue.  I totally hugged that rogue!!  Then we walked into the portal for Ironforge, sang, walked back into the Deeprun Tram and hearthed.

Took about 20 minutes.  Wee.  Very not exciting for me.  I wasn't going to do it but the husband said I could use my new mount to fly him around.  So I did.

I wasn't able to play WoW a lot this weekend, my family is apparently very jealous of my time!  However, I loved spending time with them.  Everyone was on their best behaviors and I was the grumpy one.  The kids were wonderful and loving.  There's something amazing to me that I'm so loved by all these little people.  My best friend from high school has 5 beautiful children and when I'm around, I have 2-3 little girls hanging all over me and telling me they love me and petting my hair.  Makes me ache when this happens but I just soak it all up.

I'm on day 27 of a migraine.  Just called the doctor again and pleaded with them to send me to a neurologist.  I over heard my husband telling someone that he's really impressed with how I'm handling this.  That I'm being a real trooper.  And I'm trying so hard to just do things and get home so I can lay down.  We left 2 gatherings because my head was hurting so bad.

This post feels disjointed to me.  But I don't really care at the moment.  Maybe if my head explodes, I will feel better.  Let's see!!


  1. I hope you feel better soon, I couldn't imagine having a migraine that lasted that long. I'm glad that you enjoyed the Alliance's hospitality, even if it was only for 20 minutes.

  1. Edenvale said...:

    Sounds like you had a nice holiday despite not feeling well. Hope you find out what is causing the migraines soon, I can relate to the pain.

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