Calgon take me away!!! Is that a thing anymore?

Thursday, December 15, 2011
Ugh.  Real life is kicking my ass something fierce.  Work is crazy, I've had a headache since the 1st (and it's now the 15th) and family things are getting me down.  My great uncle passed away a little bit ago and last Saturday was the family memorial for him.  A bigger one that is open to the public will be done later this month but it's the family one I went to and the family one that my heart wept at.  So, I've been rather sad the last little bit.

In WoW news, my guild progressed one step further in the Dragon Soul and downed the shaman that everyone says is a mage, Hagara the Binder.  Yay for that!  It took us a few attempts now that our warrior tank's finger is better.  It's not fixed, but it's not as hurt-y I think.  (He's going to become a super villain now with the amount of silver nitrate they keep pumping into his finger.  First his middle finger will turn silver, then his hand, then his arm, then part of his shoulder and chest and finally his head!  When he becomes a super villain, I hope he remembers me as the woman who sent soup to his house!!)

Tonight it's Ultraxion (healing team will be myself, my shaman buddy and my favorite shadow priest who also has a disc set) and hopefully after we down him, Warmaster Blackhorn!  I'm pretty excited about Ultraxion.  This looks like fun!

Anyway. It's 10 minutes to raid.  I'd best get moving!


  1. Ratshag said...:

    Ya, you sez that now, but in twelve hours when is dark and the water's got cold and the coyote's is howlin' and there's glowin eyes watchin' from the edge of the meadow, yer gonna be sayin' "Calgon take me back? Please?"


  1. Hmm, that is true! I never thought about the extended 'away'. Would it be like an away mission on Star Trek? Do I need a red shirt?

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