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Saturday, December 24, 2011
So, every year, my husband and I don't discuss presents.  With the economy, spending money between the two of us seems too much considering the line of work that I'm in (mortgage industry).  However, each year, one of us will sneak something small into the other one's pocket or shoes or what not.  One year, I got my Moonkin Hatchling, which is my favorite pet of all time and almost the only one my main uses.

So, tonight, after baking the last of the 8 pies I was giving to people and/or bringing to gatherings, I was tooling around in the Ruins of Gilneas, doing the quests there for the Horde, when I notice something.  I have a mail.  And it's from my husband.  Weird.  I ask him what it is and he just says "Well, you'll have to look won't you?"  I don't think anything of it but the fact that he won't tell me drives me insane, so I fly up to the nearest mailbox (The Sepulcher) and check it.

A festively wrapped package is attached and I take it out of my mail with a puzzled look.  "It's not Christmas yet" I think to myself.  "Did he wrap up some grey items and mail them to me?  He probably did, punk!"

And then I click open the package, and a single vial drops into my hand.
I have wanted this mount since Cata launch.  This makes my whole entire Christmas.  Being a druid, the fact that there is a 'form' out there that I couldn't be drove me crazy!  Now.  I'm a powerful drake, able to carry people around.  Watch out!  I will eat your mounts right up!  (Except the mechanical ones, those give me indigestion!)

Thank you my love.  Even though I know you won't read this.  I'm so glad you started playing WoW with me.  I love that something as silly as a in game mount and an in game pet are capable of making my whole life wonderful and my Christmas fulfilled.  I'm so glad that we are on this ride together!! :)


  1. Mia said...:

    Grats on your new mount! :D Even though my husband and I don't celebrate Christmas in Real Life, we do give each other gifts around this time of year in WoW. He got me the Epic Parrot pet! [Hyacinth Macaw] ^_^

    I still don't know what to get him, because he has everything T_T

  1. Karegina said...:

    Yeah. I have NO idea what to give him. I need to come up with an idea by the end of the day! hahah :) I'm totally not ready this year!

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