Dragon Soul - Morchok Strategy (10 man)

Saturday, December 10, 2011
I know that people do this all the time.  However, when I was looking, I didn't see anything out there that answered my questions.  So, I'm going to do this myself.  I do know that there is already one 10 man normal mode 'bullet point' list.  However, here is the way we did it!

Raid Make up:

Tanks - Prot Pally and Prot Warrior

Healers - Resto Druid and Resto Shaman

DPS - Shadow Priest, Rogue, 2 Warlocks, Mage, and Death Knight

There are two phases for Morchok, a 'Crystal Phase' and a 'Black Blood Phase'.

During the Crystal Phase, the tanks flip him around so his back is to us and everyone groups up just at the edge of his hit box.  This let's his Stomp ability be spread out among everyone in raid.  This is pretty much a tank and spank phase.  The only 'special' things he does is put a Crush Armor on the tank (causing a tank swap) and drop a Resonating Crystal  that will require 3 targeted raid members to run to it.  The closer the targeted raid members are to the crystal, the less damage they will take when it explodes.  There will be 3 Resonating Crystals dropped during this phase.

Once the 3rd Resonating Crystal has exploded, the Black Blood Phase will begin and Morchok will pull everyone to him and drop them.  He will then throw out stone pillars (like the dragon in Stonecore does) and the raid will have to get behind them.  We have group 1 go to the left side (as you are facing Wyrmrest Temple) and group 2 go to the right side.  You'll have to line of sight a flow of 'Black Blood of the Earth' that Morchok spews forth.  Take in mind you need to stand a bit away from the pillars as the blood seeps around the base of the pillars.  This goes on for a little bit of time and sometimes ranged can still dps while being out of line of sight.  (We have one healer in group 1 and the other in group 2, so they get split in case someone stands in the blood, which we've had people do.  Mostly because they didn't realize they shouldn't hug the pillars!)

Then it repeats.  At 20%, he gets a 'Furious' buff.  Aka he does a mini enrage.

This is not a very hard fight.  However, this is my first strategy post, so I wanted to be easy.  We managed to 1 shot this boss, with no major research or anything.  I think only 1 person had gone into LFR earlier in the week.


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