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Friday, December 30, 2011
We ended up calling raid off last night due to the fact that we were a couple of people down (including both myself and our other main healer).  So instead, my husband begged me to come to Tol Barad with him on my shadow priest.  I figured what the hey, it couldn't hurt right?  And if my head started to pound from all the flipping around and such, I could just go to bed afterwards.

So I get in, find where my husband was defending (Horde controlled it) and stuck with him.  (He was healing on his pallly.)  It was a fun match.  The Alliance couldn't commit enough of their forces to take our points unless they completely abandoned one of the others, so we just went in a circle the whole round.  And when we were done (we were at ICG when it ended), we went to the bridge and proceeded to make them sorry they were there.  Was quite fun and good payback for all the times I was trying to leave and got deathgripped back to a metric fuck ton of melee.

Then, our best friend (the warrior), another friend of ours (who usually plays a prot pally but decided to do this on his shadow priest), my husband and I went into some BG's to get some honor and such.

I can't remember the exact order of things but we got a Strand of the Ancients (Alliance won in about a minute 45), a Alterac Valley, an Arathi Basin, a Twin Peaks and an Eye of the Storm.  We won 2 of those.  And Oh. My. God.  How do people find this fun?

So, Strand, I really don't understand the basic mechanics here.  So we're trying to stop them from getting through the gates but somehow they have super magical properties that let them fly right through the gates without slowing down?  It boggles my mind.  And throughout all of this I get to hear from my husband who apparently doesn't know how spell lock outs work "HOW CAN THEY LOCK ME OUT OF MY INSTANT CAST SPELLS??"  Jeezus honey, they can do it, where you casting a long spell?  Yes?  Then bam, locked out.  It's not like your spells are nature and holy, they are all fucking holy.  L2heal.

But, the worst BG I have ever been in had to be that goddamn Arathi Basin.  I tweeted about it last night, while it was happening.  15 players and not a single one can be arsed to stop and cap Farms.  Of course, I'm one to talk, I didn't do it either but I'm a noob.  I don't think there are 15 noobs on this BG team.  I know the group I was rolling with was well experienced in BG-ness.  And then, the moment that no one capped Farm half the team went "GG Horde, WTF didn't you cap Farm for? Losers" plus other things that I couldn't understand because my adult language filter is on (AGAIN, jeezus Blizz).  And then we see "Alliance Dude has attacked the Farm" or something.  And then a little while later, the Alliance are hold 3 points while we have Mines and Blacksmith.  WTF, you go to Blacksmith but you can't fucking cap Farm?  /headdesk

And that just went downhill from there.  However, the best thing that I've ever seen happened while my team (minus my healer husband, which is typical) was guarding Mine.  A pally attacks our shadow priest buddy, buddy lifegrips our warrior to him (warrior was standing next to me at the flag, priest buddy was up on the little ledge behind the cart) and I life grip the priest buddy to me.  Take that pally, can't hit my priest buddy!  It made me laugh my ass off.  However, we still lost that match.

The funnest BG we did that night was Eye of the Storm.  The ENTIRE RAID went from point to point and took them.  And then we ended up leaving a few people at Mage Tower and Draeni Ruins (?) to pick the Alliance off when they ressed.  So, what happened was my warrior buddy and I stood at DR and held that point the entire match.  And for some reason, the stupid took over the Alliance raid and the flag carriers KEPT BRINGING US THE FLAG!!!  So we'd slaughter them and return it.  Also, the same toons kept coming after us, and each time we'd kill their healer and then kill them.  That resto druid must have hated me by the end of that.  Beat her down until she's half health, Arcane Torrent while continuing to beat her down, Silence her and then deaded.  Plus her warrior friend couldn't get to me to stop it because my own warrior buddy was working him like a job.  The two of us had a great time.  The two PVP noobs, kicking ass.  We got the 2nd and 3rd most HKs in the BG that whole time.

Then there was our adventures in Twin Peaks.  We had 4 healers, the Alliance had 4 healers.  The Alliance had a bear druid to carry their flag, we had a holy pally and my warrior buddy.  So, our entire team, minus the flag carrier and another healer, stood in our base while the rest of our team harried the crap outta the Alliance flag carrier and kept his team busy trying to kill us.  We won 2/0.  We actually ran out of time.  That was fun too, wasn't fun in the beginning.  2 disc priest, 1 holy priest and 1 resto druid are a PAIN IN THE ASS to kill.

And then, to round out the night, we went back into Tol Barad and defended it.  Apparently my shadow priest is very threatening because the melee kept trying to grind me to death but fears and 2 healers with my back fixed a lot!

So, lessons I learned last night:

2. Always kill the healers.
3. BGs aren't relaxing and as a result make my headache worse.  However, the adrenaline kinda counteracts that.
4. Being bait is fun.  It's even more fun when you have another priest to stand behind you and lifegrip you to safety when the Alliance commits to killing you and ends up getting their ass handed to them by a warrior and two shadow priests.  And a holy pally, when he was there.

One last thing.  Throughout all these fights, my husband was barely ever in the same place I was.  We'd say "Okay, defending Mine!" and then about 3 minutes later, we look around and no husband.  He's off at Blacksmith or Stables or maybe even in another goddamn battleground.  Who knows.  He has left me defending a node alone before and then was like "What?" when I get slaughtered by 2 rogues.  So I guess I learned something else:

5. Don't trust the husband when he says what 'the plan' is.  He doesn't not mean the plan for him.

Oh yeah. and this is officially my 100th post!  Yay me!


  1. Grats on 100 posts.

    I got a funny visual from the last paragraph. Leaving you to defend mines, your husband runs off to cap... Fel Reaver Ruins?

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