Yay Fire Birdie Down!

Friday, September 30, 2011
My guild went back into Firelands last night (with a new tank and a pug hunter) and managed to down Alysrazor.  And it only took us 5 tries!  Our big problems were our flying dps weren't comfortable flying and dpsing at the same time, and the cyclones in phase 2 were kicking my fellow healer's ass.  However, she managed to live through that phase when her husband told her to just follow him and he'd lead her around.

Firebirdie dropped my new boots (yay) and a dagger that our pug hunter took (what?).  And with that upgrade, I only have 2 pieces that are not 365 or higher.  (My pants and a ring.)

Anyway.  We moved onto Baleroc and beat against him for 3 tries before we had to call it.  The healers (all two of us) couldn't figure it out at first.  However, I've done some reading now (I was not prepared for that boss last night.  Usually we take a short break after a kill but we just moved right along and the husband tried to explain but he didn't explain what the healers have to do, probably because he didn't care.) and I know that we need to rotate.  My shaman buddy kept healing the tank because his health kept dropping.  And I kept healing the DPS because THEIR health was dropping, and then I would throw a heal onto the tank.  It was all messy.

I"m going to talk to my healing buddy tonight and see how we want to approach this.  I was really bummed that my hots won't help stack the buff I need.  Dude.  Way to gimp me!  Ugh.

Anyway.  I have a busy day ahead of me.  I'd best get moving!!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Baleroc can be frustrating as dps, and I can't even imagine what it's like as a healer. I am usually moonkin or tank on this fight these days. Some healers seem to have very little trouble with him, while others struggle every week.

    But grats on Alysrazor! I am terrible at flying, only having done it once. It's all hatchlings, all the time for me! :D

  1. The dps seemed to 'get' it right away. My husband (our usual tank) flipped to dps since the new tank we'd pulled in didn't have a dps spec.

    I do have an advantage on this, as my healing buddy is my RL best friend and I pick her up from work everyday. Then we have about 25 minutes to talk about whatever before I drop her off. So I'll have a little chit chat with her and we'll be fine :) I just know it!

  1. Anachan said...:

    Baleroc is terribly annoying as a Druid . . . Nourish, nourish, nourish, regrowth *yawn*--oh, drat, swiftmend!. On the bright side, since your HoTs don't count, if you are healing Torment people and trying to stack the buff, you can still toss a Rejuv and LB on the tank (if you have the time), and it won't destroy your stacking. Last I saw, the LB bloom didn't count, either, but don't quote me on that one; they might have changed it.

    Healers need a lot of communication for this fight. In our 25-man, the healers on the teams which would be switching back and forth used to go into a separate Vent channel for coordination purposes. To be honest, we used to bring an extra healer, as well, pre-nerf.

    Good luck, and whatever you do, stay away from the crystals! ;)

  1. Navimie said...:

    Good luck on Baleroc Karegina! As a druid I always feel like I'm the weak link on that fight compared to normal when I'm usually up there on the game. And grats on Alys kill.

  1. Lument said...:

    Congratulations on Alysrazor :) One thing I like about it the most is that I don't really need Tree for healing so I use it to spam Wrath when Alysrazor is down. Wrath spam in Tree with Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp is just so much fun! I can normally manage to contribute a good million in damage. Wheee!

    Baleroc is (yet another) scripted dance of a fight. I find it fun, although very stressful, as a healer. I highly recommend this thread on PlusHeal for healer strat ideas/input/discussion: http://bit.ly/riudOh :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Grats on Alysrazor! I love that boss, my favorite, as I get to fly, it's fun when you figure out how to do it :)

    I have healed Baleroc twice on my shaman in alt runs, takes a while to get used to, but good luck :)

  1. Draccus said...:

    Congratulations on the progression through Firelands and upgrading the gear. Keep pushing through and I am sure you all will clear it before Deathwing meets the mat.

  1. Lument said...:

    Congrats on Alysrazor! I love the fight for being able to spam Wrath in Tree--its great fun with Heroism. Pew, pew, pew, pew, pew!

    I really enjoy Baleroc. It is terribly stressful which means beating it is all that much more gratifying to kill. Mana is typically the issue. I've found that as a Druid my mana does much better than our Paladin or Shaman. Not sure why. One big tip that helps big time is to pre-pot a Volcanic Potion and then be sure to cast Innervate before it expires. You'll get another 2k or so from Innervate--not huge but every little bit helps. The additional mana pool at the beginning really helps of course, too. I time it so that I pop the pot right before the tank pulls, then I don't do much healing until the crystal target. That way I've regenerated mana well into the extra mana that the potion gives. Hope that helps!

  1. Jasyla said...:

    Congrats on Alysrazor!

    Good luck on Baleroc! I really like 2-healing that fight on 10. I get terribly confused whenever I've 3-healed it, but when you 2-heal you can just switch jobs, from tank healing to shard healing every time a shard spawns.

  1. Thanks everyone! We're talking about switching from 2 days to 3 days (like we did in Wrath) so lets keep our fingers crossed!!

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