Firelands - Post Nerf

Friday, September 23, 2011
So, last night we went back into Firelands.  My raid leading husband had texted me a few days ago, as I went to pick up my resto shaman buddy from work, "Talk to CoolShaman about 2 healing".  I kind of rolled my eyes but I brought it up with her when she got into the car.  "What do you think about 2 healing Firelands?"  She thought about it for a few moments and then said "Sure, why not.  We can probably do it!  And if we can AwesomePriest will be there to back us up."  So we had a loose plan.  She and I would try to 2 heal Firelands, as a resto druid and a resto shaman.

Well, Wednesday comes and we can't get the people together.  One of our raiders is sick (food poisoning) and another one just didn't show up.  We picked up our usual 2 old guildy pugs but still weren't able to get into Firelands.  We did Baradon Hold, and 2 healed that.  (We decided to stop 3 healing the new boss when my over heal was 60%.)

Then Thursday comes around.  And we realize that since one of our usual pugs is a holy pally without a dps spec, one of us was going to have to DPS.  Well, my shaman friend just switched her 2nd spec to enhancement but she's not very familiar with it yet and she's not hit capped.  So she decides to switch to elemental for the raid (since my output is higher then hers apparently).

However, as we get to talking, it turns out she doesn't have any kind of real elemental gear, she just does it in her resto gear.  Which is what I do, but I have two pieces of boomkin tier gear to give me a 2 piece bonus.  She decides that I should DPS and she'll heal but if it turns out this isn't working, I would flip back to tree.

We get into Beth'tilac and the pally goes up on the web and my shaman stays down with us.  It takes us two tries but we kill her rather easily.  The only death was my husband's pally tank, but I battle ressed him and we moved on.

Next was Shannox.  I want to say we 1 shot him.  I don't remember and apparently our log for last night isn't up so I can't check.  But that went pretty well.

So we went to Lord Rhyolith and beat against his legs for a while.  Took us 3-4 tries (I think) but we did finally get him.  I did pop tranquility at the phase transition, which I think helped a lot.  It was a messy kill and I think there were 4 or 5 of us laying around holding down the floor after he died, but he did die.  We'd only ever gotten to phase 2 once before, so yay there.

We spent the remaining hour or so trying to clip Alysrazor's wings.  And honestly.  That seemed like a fun fight!!  I was paired with our pug DK to kill things on the left side of the area (left as you look at the cave).  Our flying DPS kept falling, so we kept wiping to that.  But eventually we will get better at that.  It's just a learning curve.

I will admit I saw red when I saw Staghelm kill those poor captured Druids of the Talon.  Oh he just makes me so mad!  Grrrrrr!

I am a bit bummed that I'm progressing through Firelands as a chicken.  I love healing.  It's all I've wanted to do for years now.  But I lost my healing spot to a pug because we need warm bodies.  *sighs*  It sucks so bad.  I am very happy that we have people willing to help us, but all I want to do is heal.  I don't want to be a sucky dps (which I am).  I'm just so sad about it.  I want to heal with my shaman buddy, like we've been doing since Kara.  Oh well.  There's always next expansion I guess.


  1. Saga said...:

    I'm sure you can do it with 3 healers if you want to, it won't really hurt your raid (unless you find yourself hitting enrage timers), and it does give you some leeway in a lot of fights if people are learning and still making some mistakes (so taking a bit more damage than normal).

    Especially if you really enjoy healing, maybe you should consider it.

    Grats on your Rhyolith kill!

    And Alysrazor flying does take some getting used to. I've found that you can only miss one ring up there (and then you have to get the next one really quickly), or you fall down. Sometimes it looks like I got the rings too, but turns out I didn't and I fall down .. oops!

    Good luck on everything, and hope you get to heal again soon!

  1. It sounds like we're going to be (hopefully) picking up some new dps in the next couple weeks, so I'm hoping that soon we won't need to have our pug healer. The raid leading husband really wants to 2 heal it, as he thinks we can do it (and it was proven this week that it is possible).

    We aren't having problems with the enrage timers, even before the nerf. It was always just 'learning the fights'.

    And thanks! We will get the raid under control shortly! I know it!!

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