Yay heals!

Thursday, September 29, 2011
We went into Firelands last night with 9 guildies and our usual PUG death knight.  Do you know what that means?  Aw yeah, I got to heal with my bestie.  We easily two healed Beth, with only 1 wipe because the downstairs tank took the first web pulley thing and I took the next.  When he realized what he did, instead of staying up and just switching for that phase, he jumped down and (since I had taken my usual 2nd web) Beth turned to ME and ate my face.  We wiped pretty fast after that.

We 1 shot Shannox, despite both puppies eating my face within the first 5 seconds of the encounter.  (The DK battle rezed me.)  I didn't get above 50% mana the entire time.  Heh.  Stupid puppies.

Then we went to Lord Rhyolith and wiped on him 5 times before finally killing him.  That wasn't hard, but I swear that some of my dps went, found the fire, and stood in it.  We did get him to 2nd phase at least 3 times, so we're definately improving on that fight.

Loot wise, I made out like a freaking bandit.  I got the haste caster hat off Beth, and then both pieces off Rhyolith.  He dropped the leather agility hat and the leather caster chest.  I have my tier chestpiece so I'm not going to replace that but I'm looking towards my boomkin set.  The best part is that my 'old' hat, which was the hat from Atramedes (not my tier hat), can now be repurposed for boomkin.  I'm hoping we go back and do Nef or Cho'gall so I can get my tier hat or shoulders so I can have my 4 piece boomkin bonus.

Tonight, we head back in and face down Alysrazor.  I think we can do this if people just learn to 1. fly and 2. dodge shit.  :)  I'm hopeful!


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