Back in the saddle again ...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011
So, last week I was on vacation.  Now I'm back and it's been rather hectic around here.  Mostly real life engagements and what not.

However, I did get to step into Firelands last week and take a few swings at the spider boss, Beth'tilac.  We three healed it and didn't really succeed.  We were mostly trying to check it out and exploring it.  I think that we'll try 2 healing it however next time.  Our healing team that we'd have would be a resto shaman up top and a resto druid down below.  We (the players of the healing toons) know that's not the best, but it's what we have and love.  So we're going to make it work.

We ended up doing 1 day of Firelands as when we went back the next day, 3 of our team couldn't make it.  So we picked up a couple members of our guild that don't raid often and went to Blackwing Descent.  Cleared that, which was awesome.  And that was raiding for that night.

This week, we're supposed to go back into Firelands.  However, I don't know how sign ups look because the husband was feeling sick and went to bed before the other officers were online.  I hope we can go.  I'll be pretty bummed if it doesn't happen!

In other news, I worked on my troll warlock a bit this weekend.  The husband wants to get his rogue to at least 65 before he starts farming lockboxes for the Insane acheesement.  He's only got the lockboxes to go and I won't farm them for him on my rogue.  Because I'm mean!

But I haven't gotten a lot of WoW time in recently.  I'm hoping that will change in the future though!


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