Beth'tilac Down!

Thursday, September 8, 2011
We did get to go to Firelands last night.  We ended up pulling two of our old guildies in, one holy pally and one deathknight (unsure of his spec).

We did change a bit of our last strategy and instead of sending our prot warrior, resto shaman and shadow priest up top, we sent our prot pally (my husband), myself (resto druid), a warlock (affliction I think) and our non-guilded DK.  That worked pretty well and we were able to get her to about 80% before phase 2 started.  Except that if the warlock and DK would go up the 3rd time, when she came down there would be a ton of spiderlings that she'd eat and heal up to full again.  So we only had me and husband go up the 3rd time so the dps could clean up the spiderlings easier.

I think we did that for about an hour, maybe hour and half before we downed her.  Then we went off and cleared trash until Shannox spawned and we did 2 attempts on him.  That was much easier compared to Bethy in my opinion.  Of course, at that point I was only half paying attention.  So I don't know what the rest of the raid felt.  Hehe.

My only complaint is that I kept dying.  Husband would either fall through the hole in the webs or not taunt Beth at the right time.  As a result, she'd turn to me and go "whack whack" and I'd be a corpse.  I am not a sacrificial cow!!

Beth dropped her BOE plate boots and her BOE caster shield.  The DK got the boots and my healing shaman buddy got the shield.  Apparently Beth has some nice haste gloves and my hat, which also has haste on it.  So I'll definitely be grabbing them when I see them.  I'm not sure about my tier, because those haste pieces are so nice.

And I see that Shannox drops my haste offhand.  (I think I'm starting to drool here.)  Haste everywhere.  MMMM!  (And looking ahead, apparently the flaming bird has my trinket!  And Baleroc has HASTE BRACERS.  ZOMG.  Okay, yeah. I don't look at loot lists until I know I will actually get there.  I hate getting excited about things I can do nothing about.)

Tonight we're going in again, depending on what we can get.  A couple of our guildies have gone MIA.  So, not too sure what we're going to do about that.  However, one that had been MIA seems to be back, so maybe he'll start raiding again.  *crosses fingers*


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