Birthdays and 4.3 and nerfs

Monday, September 19, 2011
My birthday was on Thursday so I've been rather busy the last few days.  However, I did get some WoW in.

We went back into Firelands on Wednesday and Thursday, downing Shannox and Beth'ilac.  We got some good attempts on Lord Rhyolith on Thursday, getting him to 2nd phase with only 1 death, me.  They wiped pretty quickly but at least we've now seen it!  Now we just need to tighten it up and make it work.

This weekend I got sometime leveling my little troll warlock.   She's level 64 now and questing in Terokkar Forest.  We're trying to get to level 65 so the husband can take his little goblin rogue out and farm lock boxes for his Insane acheesement.

Other then that, I ran 4 troll heroics on Sunday.  It was very lazy, but we wanted to at least try to cap out points.  I have 60 points to go and hopefully we'll get to run another heroic tonight.  We have another birthday gathering for me after work, so we'll see if I actually get time to do that.

And like everyone else, I've been anxiously awaiting word of 4.3.  And the WoW gods blessed me with news this morning.  I read about the new 5 mans, and End Time sounds awesome.  I always loved the concept of the Caverns of Time instances and this one just excites me.  Yay!

As for the epic gems, I'm torn on this.  My druid is a jewelcrafter and I've always liked having a ton of gems lying around to use.  However, this sounds like it will make it harder to obtain and I'm not sure I like that.  It would be awesome if they had a JC ability to have a higher chance to get an epic gem from the geode thing.

Also, the Deathwing raid sounds so awesome.  Cthulu Deathwing!  Awesome!  I'm really excited about the idea of an outside raid that is all over Dragonblight.  This is going to be epic.

Lastly, I should probably talk about my take on the Firelands nerf.  I'm really unhappy about it.  I haven't had a chance to do everything I wanted to do pre-nerf and 4.3 isn't even on the PTR yet.  Jeez Blizz.  I'm not a hard core raider but I want a chance to defeat the bosses at their original hardness.  Ugh.

Anyway, over all, with the new information on 4.3, I'm getting excited about it.  Not about the void storage and transmog, but the content.  So cool!!


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