Tuesday, September 27, 2011
It's looking like we're going to have 10 guild members for our raids this week.  That means ... I GET TO HEAL!  YAY!  /dance

I had a really hard weekend, I went on a trip across the state for my nephew's 1st birthday party.  It was very stressful, we left Saturday morning (I spent 12 hours in the car, there and back) and I got home Sunday evening and barely got to log in.  I logged in and just idled.  I was so burned out from driving back and forth that I just wanted to play without anyone pestering me.  So I went to a server that I have a level 5 toon on, where I don't know anyone, and tried to play her.

I ended up having to adjust her interface, so that took me all the time I had before bed.  But I logged her on again on Monday night and got my little goblin warlock to level 12, and out of the starting zone.

I'm trying to decide if I want to find a leveling guild over there or just stay unguilded and all that.  I've never been on a server where I didn't have a community before.  And I actually do know people there, but I haven't contacted them because I'm only level 12 and what if they don't really like me and only tolerate me?  Heh.  I'm such a mess.

Anyway.  If anyone wants to say hi.  My goblin warlock is Annanda on the Llane server.


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