Transmog: The Undead Rogue Edition

Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Back before a dragon tied to destroy the world, back before the Lich King was raging, we spent our time in OUTER SPACE!!  And during this time, I met someone who became really near to my heart.  I met her through one of my best friends.  He had a tendency to pick up random people (usually female) and introduce them to our circle of friends.  Out of all of them, I think this particular person has taken up more of my thoughts then any of the rest of them.  And she never even raided!!

She is an undead rogue and I love her.  When we server transferred, I mentioned her a few times (as my one regret was that I was leaving her).  Anyway, enough sappy stuff (Valentine's day WAS yesterday!!).  What this post is about is the transmog outfit she asked me to put together for her.

She asked for a couple things.  Something that looked 'rogue-ish' and not too 'cute', as she is undead and you can see her elbows and knees.  I came up with the above outfit.

The outfit I set out to make was completely different then this one.  However, when I found the helm, I built this set around that.  So, let's get down to the names and places these are from, shall we?

The head is the Helm of AssassinationDrops off Harbinger Skyriss in the Arcatraz.

The shoulders are Nightshade Spaulders. They're a BOE green that you an get off any mid to high 50's mob!

The cloak is Redoubt Cloak You have to do a tribute run in Dire Maul to get it!

The chest is the Eviscerator's Chestguard.  It's a LW-ing BOE blue from Wrath of the Lich King.  

The bracers are the Plague-Infected BracersThis are from the last boss in Heroic Culling.

The hands are Iceborne Gloves It's a LW-ing BOE green from Wrath.  

The belt is the Death-Warmed Belt.  It's a LW-ing BOE purple from Wrath.   (I chose this because there was a skull on it!!)

The pants are Dark Leather PantsLow level LW-ing BOE green.  You will probably find this on the AH for

The boots are Riplash Boots.  This is a low Wrath levels (68-72) BOE green.  Drops off a lot of mobs mostly in Dragonblight, Howling Fjord and Boring Tundra!

The weapons are something extra that I thought looked cool.  She has 2 daggers, a main hand and an offhand.  As a result, you get these ones! (These are from the first step in the legendary quest line.)

Main Hand - Jaded Crystal Dagger  Drops of Selin Fireheart in Herioc Magisters Terrace!

Off Hand - Searing Sunblade You buy it from G'eras in Shattrath!

I don't have actual pictures of her in this outfit, but I did ask her if I could share this with people and she said yes!  And that's today's Transmog post!


  1. Ratshag said...:

    Interestin'. Danger Mouse done been workin' on her mog set and is nearly finished now. She went with the full Assassination set exceptin' the helm (she's partial ta eyepatches). Prolly gonna go with dark leather boots. She was plannin' ta farm Timeslicer (same model as the Jaded Crystal Dagger), but Harbinger Skyriss were kind enoughs fer ta drop the Vileblade of the Betrayer, which be spiffy too.

    So, similars, but differents too!

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