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Monday, February 27, 2012
This is mostly just an update on how things are going in my WoW life.  So, be warned.

On Friday, we had our usual "Farming" guild meeting.  Except that I had farmed up a f-ton of herbs over the past week and filled up our potions and flasks.  Plus, the week before, we'd farmed up a ton of fishies.  So, we farmed exp for the guild by chain running heroics.  So, we got into Vent and chatted while running the HoT dungeons over and over.  My little mage now only has to get rid of all her spirit pieces.  (They were so so so much better than what I had, I took them!)

Then, I spent Saturday at a real life event that kept me out of the house until around 5pm Pacific Time.  Our raid is at 6pm, so I logged on and got ready for raid.  We ended up taking two hours of shots at Heroic Morchok.  We were 3 healing me with me on one side with our pally tank (aka husband), our shadow priest, our rogue and our warlock.  It was difficult but I really feel like we can do this.  I think we got some bad RNG sometimes but overall, I think if we just get things under control, we'll be okay.

After 2 hours, we flipped it back to normal (as we did want to do a full clear) and proceeded to one shot all the bosses.  I want to say that the only deaths we had were on Ultraxion.  Pretty proud of us there.  We finished up DS early (even when with 2 hours of wipes we had) and grabbed a couple people and headed to ICC 10 man.  (I got to take my mage!)  And went through there on Heroic, getting a couple of the acheesements too.  We started with the Frost Wing and then ended with the Frost Wing, since 2 or 3 of us were falling asleep.

Then it was Sunday.  Husband and I woke up, got some breakfast and logged on, only to get asked if we wanted to go do Northrend Heroic dungeons for guild achievements.  So, we headed to ToC and worked our way around.  We managed to do almost all the achievements (except for the achievements were it's "Do X or do Y but not both").  And I got my red proto drake.  (I was 3 achievements away.)

I ended up having to go lay down with a headache before raid but when it was raid time, we started out trying to do some of the achievements.  We almost had the Beth one but we killed one of the drones on the bottom on accident.  Then we went and tried to kill Shannox on Heroic, that didn't work so we flipped it back to normal, and moved on to Lord Rhyolith.  We killed him on Heroic and moved onto Bird lady.  We didn't get any achievements or Heroics from her or Baleroc (but other's got 'Share the Pain', I think?)  But then we downed Staghelm on Heroic.  Then it was off to Rag and we downed him in a couple shots.  And, husband and I got our Avengers of Hyjal.  (Which puts me 1 shy of the Exalted title.)

Anyway.  That was my weekend.  I don't feel like I got a lot of WoW time, since I was really busy outside of the game.  But it was so much fun to do all that.  And the best part?  The guild got level 10 yesterday!  Gonna see if I can round up people to do the BC dungeons tonight.  Those level the guild nicely too.

Also, I am doing this for a guildie, and I figure I'll ask you guys too.  I live very close to an AM/PM.  If you want the WoW cups, please let me know and we'll work out a way to get them to you!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Gah! I'm missing out on so much fun. Nevermind the endgame adventures, it's all the old content that I love and am still too low for (though 60 opens up a fair bit for me). T'was not a good week for leveling either so that didn't help.

    I'm excited we're level 10 as well (and for my cups, thanks again!)

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