The First Raid (tm)

Sunday, February 5, 2012
Last night was husband's and my first raid with our new guild.  It went really well.  However, I kept asking husband if he wanted me to battle ress someone and he kept telling that he's not raid leader.  Took me a couple of those before I stopped asking.  Old habits and all.  We got a couple achievements on the first two bosses.  (Don't Stand So Close to Me and Taste the Rainbow).  3 of us got Taste the Rainbow since we already had the 'hard' one (IE Yellow/Purple).  It was awesome.

The raid leader/guild leader kept swapping people and out for each fight depending on who needed what of that boss.  I think the only people who didn't get sat was myself and husband.  It was alot of fun.  We tried for a couple more achievements but if we didn't get them within 2-4 shots, we moved on.  We made it through Spine and it was fun.  Spine was stressful for me since I had only seen it once but not downed it (no, not even on LFR).  But we one shot it and moved onto Madness.  Which is a messed up fight so far.  I'll get more exposure to it and figure it out though!!

I went in there with 4 piece tier 12, and was given my tier gloves and tier leggings.  So now I'm 2 piece tier 13 and 2 piece tier 12.  Woot!  After raid, the guild leader had his officers make husband and I the crafted bracers (which are pretty much BIS for both of us I think).  So yay!

Honestly, I love my purples and I love upgrades but it was so nice to see new fights.  Everyone was nice and  business-like but also silly too.  But not to the distraction of the raid.  It was interesting to me.  I haven't raided as 'just a healer' or 'just a tank' since Kara days.  Rather refreshing.

I also found an Alliance lantern (the Lunar Lantern) on the neutral AH for 4000 gold bid, 5500 buyout.  I threw a bid on there and 2 days later it arrived in my mail box.  Yay!  Pretty happy about that!  I do miss my horde of miners, herbalists, skinners and all the crafters I had painstakenly leveled up.  (My warrior is a miner/skinner but I'm probably going to drop the skinning for something else. Maybe inscription!!)

For my 2012 in 2012, since I moved to a new server, I have the following things that I'm doing.

I have a new undead hunter (level 11), a new blood elf warrior (level 24), and a orc mage (level 8).  I actually have a ton of level 1's around too but I'm not going to count them.  My Alliance shaman got to level 63 recently. So, that puts my total up to 1861 levels.  And since I'm 'rerolling' on a new server, I've remade a hunter and warrior.  I also have a goblin warlock but I've not started leveling her yet.  This will get me 3 of the my last classes for my 10 to 85.  (My death knight is 1 level away, I'm going to go back to my old server and get her that last level.)

And lastly, @SerenitySaz has put together a Twitter based RealId using old raid running forum for people.  And @vitaemachina has put up a public Mumble server for people to use while running things.  I haven't signed up yet myself (because I'm amazingly shy about things like this) but it's an interesting concept!  Do it!!

Oh. Damnit, I just remembered.  I am working on a rogue transmog set for my old rogue guildie that I have mentioned before.  She's undead and I've got the basics together.  I just need to crank it out!!!


  1. What was giving you trouble on Madness?

  1. Saz said...:

    Don't be shy! Everyone's been incredibly friendly and it's been a ton of fun so far. Always looking for more to join in : )

  1. Our issue was we'd get to the 3rd platform, then die. I think it was the elementum blast? I am not 100% sure, my head was pounding like a drum and I'd just started a new medication that was making me dizzy.

    And @Saz. I need to! I want to go with you guys so bad!!

  1. Ok, assuming you're doing ten man difficulty, my recommendation is to go G>R>Y>B, on the third platform, the bolt will still be slowed, so it shouldn't be an issue, but you will need everyone to switch to Blistering tentacles when they spawn. There's often a problem when you spawn blisterings at the same time as the bloods, just off tank the bloods until the blisterings are dead, then switch the the bloods.

    On the 4th platform, you'll need to stack the raid except for the impale tank as close to the maelstrom as you can, and pop half your raid CDs when the bolt hits, pop the other half when the DPS switch to the bolt, because the corruption will do a lot of damage when everyone's lined up. Kill bloods, kill blisterings, profit. You may also want to pop heroism when the 4th platform starts casting cataclysm, to give your healers and edge against the damage.

    On the last platform, you'll to to make sure your whole raid knows where to find their dream button. He'll spawn three fragments that need to be killed. They'll put a debuff called shrapnel on a player, one for each fragment still alive. Whoever has the debuff needs to treat it like ultraxion's faded light. When the debuff has under 5 seconds left push dream, or they die. You probably won't have the DPS to kill all the fragments before the elementium terrors spawn, but the fragments need to die first, and then the raid can switch to the terrors. The tanks will need to tank them in the swirly nozdormu thing, and roll CDs the whole time they're tanking it. Don't try to AoE them down, focus one, then the other, and have the first tank pull the terror off the second once his stack of tetanus falls off. Then DPS on the head. You should go through two cycles of adds, with the possibility of a third set of fragments. Ignore the third wave, just pop CDs. When DW gets below 5% health, you'll want to start rolling raid CDs to deal with the AoE damage, and the other players should remember to hit dream to limit their damage intake.

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