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Tuesday, February 14, 2012
So, somehow, I got really busy.  I've been unable to concentrate on things that aren't work or family.

I have a couple transmog outfits I need to post.  One for an undead rogue and one for a tauren druid.  I don't have all the pieces for the druid one but it's still really pretty!!

In real life, my job has picked up so much that I now have no 'down' time, plus my boss hired me an assistant.  This is wearing on me because my job is really stressful in the slow times, and now that we're so busy I can't remember anything.  I come home and just sit here, watching old sitcoms and doing things for the husband in WoW.  (Yesterday I spent 3-4 hours prospecting a ton of ore, then cutting gems and creating green and blue quality rings and necklaces that I then disenchanted and then mailed to the husband's bank alt so he could sell them on the AH.)

Also, this past weekend, we (my parents, grandmother and husband) drove to Seattle (about a 3.5-4.5 hour drive) for a birthday party.  So not much WoW time.  However, I love PCC (which is a grocery store up there).  They have gluten free cupcakes!!!

I did get to raid when I got home on Sunday evening.  We did some good attempts at Madness and probably would have downed it but someone had to go.

And tonight, I played my baby warrior while listening to Friends.  I know that this is very exciting but I'm so brain dead that I'm lucky I can even play at all.  I'm having job related nightmares!!  However, my warrior is now level 42!  She's decked out in plate now! PLATE!!

So, I'm 1. not dead and 2. still playing.  And now, I'm going to crawl into my bed and pass out.  And it's not even 9pm here!!


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