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Friday, February 24, 2012
I have been dreadfully neglecting my 2012 in 2012 progression.  I have this thought in my head that 'I'm really far along, I can pick it up whenever'.  Which is the first failure.  Then, when I start working on an alt, I end up getting distracted by something and end up logging back onto either my druid or my mage to make a new transmog outfit.  (Which, btw, I got my fire crown for my mage last night!)  That is the second failure.  And finally, I will set myself a 'goal' that I don't need to really meet and then bust my ass for 3 days to do it.  This is the third failure.

However, I do have some questions for readers.  Since bringing my mage over to Blade's Edge, I have had the opportunity to run her through heroics and pick up gear.  I'm apparently 1 point away from running LFR (which is something people keep pointing out) but 3 of my pieces are spirit pieces (I've reforged them to hit and I had 318 greens in those spots before) and 2 are blues.  I want to improve my mage-ry but I'm pretty mage stupid these days (despite playing a mage as my main for most of 2 expansions).  Anna is a fire mage now (she's always been frost before) and I need to L2FireMage.

So, if someone could give me some good mage resources (that aren't elitist jerks) that would be great.

I'm working on getting exalted with Therazane on her currently.  I hadn't even finished the zone before I moved her over here.  And I haven't done her dailies this week because I've been so busy farming herbs.  (3 days of herb farming!  Woot!)  I'll get them done tonight and see if I can get a dungeon run on her too.

I also need to update my blog.  And separate things into old server and new server.  Maybe I'll do that today.  (Work is practically dead today so I'm taking it easy.)  I also have a transmog set to post for my mage.  But I need to get more of the items before I feel I can post it.  So I'll work on that this weekend!!

Yay! Friday!  Freaking finally!  It's weeks like this that I wish I could drink.


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