The Great Wild Growth Nerf of PTR 4.3

Wednesday, September 28, 2011
A lot of bloggers have already discussed this in much better terms then I can.  (Beru, Jasyla, Tzufit and I know that the other Resto bloggers will hit this up as well).  I wouldn't even discuss it but I am feeling a bit betrayed by the developers right now.

We, the resto druids, don't have a damage mitigation cooldown.  In order to 'make up for this', you gave us Tranquility as a 3 minute cooldown.  You buffed our Wild Growth in 4.0.6.  And you gave us absolute crap for glyphs.

Now, I've never been a fan of Wild Growth spamming.  It's not my preferred method of healing.  However, in certain situations it is helpful.  I glyphed my Wild Growth because I do raid and hitting that extra person is very helpful.  (However, half the time I swear it hits people's pets!)

Did this make my output 'better' then other healers?  Yes, a bit.  Last night, after this nerf was announced, I did a bit of number crunching (which I'm really not good at).  I looked at my Wild Growth numbers from a couple weeks ago (since I ran boom last week), and figured out that with a 20% nerf to WG, my numbers would drop by just abut 5%.

And that doesn't include numbers for the new cooldown if I keep my Wild Growth glyphed.  (Which, at this point, I probably won't keep.)

Now, let's talk about Resto glyphs.  From what I see, we have 4, maybe 5 major glyphs for us.  There's Healing Touch (which I didn't have until they nerfed Innervate), Innervate (which is nerfed), Wild Growth, Thorns and Rebirth.  Now, I don't believe in glyphing things I never use.  So why would I glyph Thorns or Innervate?  That leaves behind Wild Growth, Rebirth and Healing Touch.  If you want to make us choose between glyphs, GIVE US GLYPHS TO CHOOSE BETWEEN!

And I swear to the Earthmother, if my husband says to me again that mitigation cooldowns are for tanks, I'm going to punt him into a wall.


  1. Tzufit said...:

    Thanks for the link, Karegina!

    I'm guessing that the Wild Growth glyph will still be worth it for us in most raiding situations, though certainly less so in 10 mans than in 25. Wild Growth is less positionally-dependent than any of the other healing classes' AoE spells, but its range is still limited enough that it simply may not reach 6 people on a fight that requires raiders to spread out. Regardless, it's obnoxious that Blizzard is basically asking us to nerf ourselves - we have to make the "choice" to use the WG glyph and in doing so increase our cooldown.

    Anyway, enjoyed the post, and certainly punt the hubby if he tries that tank line on you again. :P

  1. I was paying attention to my wild growth in my last few raids and I see that my 6th 'person' tends to almost always been a hunter pet or a warlock pet. Once, I healed a water elemental. Really? REALLY?

    If I'm going to be healing pets instead of players, this glyph isn't worth it for me :) But I'm glad you stopped by :)

  1. That totally sounded snobby, but I didn't mean it too. Damnit :) My head is not here today. Maybe I should take a internet free day!

  1. Tzufit said...:

    Hee! Totally didn't sound snobby, no worries.

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