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Tuesday, October 25, 2011
Today is my husband's birthday as well as our 16th dating anniversary.  While I have a horrible memory, it's really easy to remember that it's one of our anniversary's when it falls on his birthday!  (He's 33 by the way.)

For his birthday, I have thus far ignored him, growled at him when he came in to kiss me good morning, and shouted after him as he left the house.  The shouting was because I remembered it was his birthday and I wanted him to come back into the bedroom so I could say happy birthday.  (God forbid I actually get UP and leave the bed before 7:35am!)  I have called him at work, but I got voice mail.  I think he's screening me!

What does this have to do with WoW you might ask?  Well, my husband is an avid pet and mount collector.  He a lot of mounts (I don't know how many but it's over the amount needed for the highest achievement) and is currently collecting pets.  Last year, for Christmas, I bought him the sparkle pony.  He loved it and uses it on all his alts, but not his main since he's got much cooler mounts on that toon.  So, this year, I debated between buying him the purple lion (which I want) or some pets.  I finally decided that he needed to get the lil Ragnaros.  I wanted to buy him two (since they are only $10) but I couldn't decide which one to get.  And then it hit me!  Panda!  So now he has a Lil Rag and a Pandaran Monk in his mail box.  Hehe!  Yay!  (And I have no fear of him finding this out because he doesn't read my blog.)

On a different front, last night I took my new set of crafted PVP gear and headed into some battlegrounds on my shadow priest.  We (the husband and I) did a couple BGs before we left to go to a friend's house and we got Strand of the Ancients (I think, it's the one with the beach and the gates, like Wintergrasp?) and Battle for Gilneas.  Those two were a lot of fun.  We went up against some really poor teams and despite my handicap of not knowing what I was doing, we won both of them easily.  I had a great time and was excited to do more when I got home.

We got home around 10:30ish.  Logged in and queued for another BG.  We ended up in another Strand of the Ancients and took forever to win first.  And then the Alliance won in about 30 seconds I swear.  I didn't even know that was POSSIBLE.  We then went into a Arathi Basin where I realized just how much druid healers in PVP suck.  My husband and I followed 2 other people to Mine.  And then.  EVERYONE LEFT, including my husband who is supposed to stay and protect me.  So, I'm there all by myself, when a resto druid stealths down and somehow attacks the node.  I wasn't standing around with my head up my butt either, but by the time I was able to attack him (I can't remember what happened to me) he'd capped and the flag was just waiting to get over to their side.  I spend the next 3 or 4 minutes trying to recap and trying to hold him down, which didn't work.  All the while cussing out my husband for leaving me, a newb, at Mine alone.  The husband showed up, and the two of us took the druid down.  Then we went up against a rogue (dear lord they suck too) and a warrior (who had gag order, is that a prot talent? AND the freaking druid.  Argh!

Despite the last 2 matches, I did have a good time.  I went up against a shadow priest at about my gear level in the first Strand we did and the two of us had a little mini show down.  I beat the over loving crap out of her by myself without any help.  She barely hit me.  Which, now that I think about it, means she was probably in PVE gear.  But, I whittled her down so fast that she had to start throwing heals on herself.  If we had gone another 5-10 seconds in the match, I'd probably have killed her, but we won and the match was over.  So, my first night, I got 3 wins and 1 loss.  Yay!  That's not bad!

I've been doing some reading about Shadow Priest PVP, I just need to put it into practice!!


  1. Jamin said...:

    Happy anniversary!

    Really interesting to see the Blizzard "Gift Options" being used, for just that. Glad to see they were received well :)

    More than anything? You have just given me a brilliant idea. My friend (from abroad), needs a present.. So thanks!

    - Jamin

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