On the first day of Hallow's End, my true love gave to me ...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011
And by true love, I mean Blizzard.

I got my flying kitty in a witch's hat, on a broom.  That is so awesome.  I have a soft spot for kitties in witches hats!

Other then that, the husband and I spent the evening running around the world and trick or treating.  (Obviously, since I got my kitty.)  We also did the dailies and the stand alone quests so I now have my Luggage.  I mean, my creepy crate.  Hehe.

Then we hit up The Headless Horseman.  I only did it 2 times on my main, then I switched out my holy priest (which was fun, despite my tank barely taking any damage).  I want to say I got a hit ring on my holy priest and the sinister squashling (of which I have 5 of on my main, plus the one I got when I did the achievement).  I also got a chance to take my little pally through.

The group let me tank, so I had a grand ol' time standing there looking so big and strong.  I did get one of the strength rings, which was nice.  And I'm going to keep going back because I need to get the helm for my pally!

And tonight, we go back into Firelands.  Our shadow priest is leaving tomorrow morning for Hawaii (her boyfriend is awesome and arranged a trip away without her knowing, he even got her time off work), so she won't be there tonight.  I think we have a backup though!  I hope.

So anyway.  Those of you who are going to Blizzcon, I'm really jealous :)


  1. Mia said...:

    grats on the pet! I'm still working on my cat, and the mount :( I'm so busy this year, that I doubt I'll get all of the achievements done.

  1. I did get the achievement done (yay) and am now working on getting the plate hat for my pally. UGH! It's dropped for EVERY SINGLE ONE of my toons but her!

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