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Friday, January 27, 2012
I am home sick today.  I came home from work yesterday around 1ish, went to the doctor and found out that 1. my MRI was normal so they don't know what's causing my headaches and 2. I do not have strep throat.  And with that pronouncement, my sore throat went lower and turned into a HORRIBLE cough that causes me to do things I am not comfortable talking about.  However, I do sound like a diesel truck revving up.  So maybe this will attract some country boys?  (Just an option if husband ever leaves!!)

And so, today I got up around 10am, grabbed a bowl of peaches and some water and sat down at my computer to get my rogue those goddamn daggers.  My guildmate (who is about the sweetest girl ever) linked me to this video to get through the city.  She also wrote up a bit huge long list for us to get through it with.  With a second by second guide.

And with that guide, it took me .... 3 hours to get to that dickface Creed.  Where I proceeded to spend over 2 hours more dying to him before I even got him down 10%.  However, I can stealth my way through Gilneas like a freaking PRO bitches.  I don't even have to pause half the time.  I just fly stealth right through there! BAM!

I have got dual spec and made it a sub spec to see if that helps.  Honestly, I think I just need to get her some better gear before I try this.  Either that or have someone standing outside who can buff me as needed.

And also, in a different vein, I am looking for a new guild.  I believe my husband will be coming with me, but he's not really doing a lot right now to show that.  However, it is hard to find a guild that fits what I want.  I don't want 25's and I want to stay Horde.  So, yeah. wish me luck.  I do have a couple feelers out but I don't know what husband thinks.  I'm half afraid he's just going to quit WoW completely.  And I'm not ready for that yet!!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Siori still needs to pickpocket to get the ball rolling on that chain. Such is the price you pay when you're not in a raiding guild...or even online when people ARE raiding.

    I had the strep last week. My doctor said I stirred in a viral infection and sprinkled some bronchitis on top just for flavour. Good times. As for the headaches...migraines?

  1. Ugh. That's uncool. I am extremely unhappy with this cold/virus/whatever. My throat now hurts because I'm coughing like a 95 year old smoker, I *just* started coughing up things, which makes me nervous for sleep tonight. (I have a CPAP machine to help me keep breathing while sleeping).)

    As for my headache, yeah, I've had a migraine since November 30th 2011. It's pretty much non-stop. Sometimes it's lighter sometimes it's heavier. But all the time = pain. Supposed to go in to see a doctor about meds on Tuesday!! If I last that long :)

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