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Saturday, January 14, 2012

As the leveling fool that I am, I decided to accept the leveling challenge that JD Kenada has issued for this year.  What you do is gain 2012 levels during this year.  There are some guidelines that he wants us to follow and bam!  I'm off.

The only thing is, right now I have two accounts.  I was up front with him about this and I explained to him that my level 85's are split across these accounts pretty evenly.  He said that was okay and he'd work with me so I can participate!  Yay!

So, here is what I have right now, without toon names or servers:

85 tauren druid
85 goblin mage
85 undead rogue
84 troll death knight
76 undead warlock
74 goblin warrior
62 goblin shaman
42 tauren paladin
41 dwarf priest
17 blood elf priest
76 night elf druid
72 human mage
61 gnome rogue
56 draenei priest
53 draenei shaman
40 draenei paladin
30 gnome warlock
13 dwarf hunter
13 worgen warlock
5 gnome warrior
69 dwarf death knight
12 draenei warrior
7 gnome mage
19 worgen priest
6 worgen druid
11 night elf druid
5 blood elf paladin
5 human hunter
16 goblin warlock
6 troll druid
9 blood elf warlock
85 blood elf priest
85 blood elf paladin
85 orc shaman
80 blood elf hunter
70 troll warlock
50 orc mage
48 worgen warrior
34 troll druid
41 tauren priest
58 draenei death knight
7 dwarf shaman
43 gnome priest
4 worgen warlock

Add that together, subtract the needed amount for the extra death knights and I have 1787 as of today.  (According to my spreadsheet of characters!)  This means I'm 88.8% done.  And I'll be gaining another 32 just in leveling the rest of my 10 toons to 85.  Yay!

I'd plan more but I'm completely exhausted.  Yay!  Levels!!


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