Elders and Leveling

Monday, January 30, 2012
Today, the husband and I are working on getting our Elders on two of our other characters.  While I'm not 100% sure of his motivation, my motivation is the lantern pet for my main.  We just finished up Kalimdor and the related Cata/dungeon elders, so we started working on Eastern Kingdom.  We started in Booty Bay and headed north.

Now, despite my 'Xtreme Leveling', I don't do a lot of leveling via RDF.  However, I did a lot of dungeon running back in the day when you had to find a group on your server and walk there.  (Because no one had mounts!)  So, when I got to the Sunken Temple elder, boy was I surprised!!  The instance portal is like RIGHT THERE!  And there is no 'Which way do we go first'!!  It's just there!  I was very surprised with those changes.

In other news, I still have some sort of plague.  It hasn't spread to the husband (yet) but it totally snuck up on me!  One of the things it's done is turned my sense of direction off.  I'm totally running into walls, mountains and shit.  More then usual!

Also, in guild searching news, it appears that the husband and I have found a new home.  We've been speaking to a specific guild since Friday and I'm very excited about it.  He seems to be excited too, but you never can tell with husband.  We're making plans to take our heirlooms when we transfer so we can level up new characters.  We don't have the money to transfer all our toons.  (That's $250 just for my 85s/almost 85s!)  I'll probably transfer my priest in a few months.  She has some things on her that I don't want to give up!

Seeing people leaving and going about their business else where is hard.  Even knowing that I'm doing the same is hard.  I'm not good at saying good bye to things.  However, I am not completely leaving.  Madoran has been my home for over 5 years now.  However, there is always RealId.  So at least I can keep in touch with my friends that way!  Of course, those people who don't use it, well that will be sad.  I'll miss my little rogue friend.  She is amazing and I love her.  Been playing with her for years now!

While I was writing this post, my shaman got her Elders title.  Only 6 more world events to go until she gets her drake.  Hehehe!  (This will never happen, I hate Children's Week too much!!)

I've been trying to find an ending for this post for two days.  So I'll just leave it with this: tomorrow I'll have an update on my 2012 in 2012.  With one thing and another, I haven't been able to go look at all my characters, nor add my new characters to my list.  (This is because of our server search, we have a couple different toons on a few other servers now.)  So look for that!


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