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Tuesday, January 17, 2012
This weekend was hard.  Parts were good and parts were okay.  Nothing was really bad but it was hard.  Why?  I didn't get enough sleep.  Today, I'm at work, feeling like a zombie.  Well, a cranky zombie who would like to gnaw on your head instead of talk to you.  So, I guess that's a normal zombie.

Just a warning, there is a massive description of my weekend below.  But the WoW part is at the end.

Friday night, I stayed up until late, 2 am, which never happens anymore.  However, I got up at 6am to go to breakfast with my husband's godfather (whom he had never met).  Then at 9am, I had a 12 step meeting (long story).  Then I came home around 10:30am and made a Orange Cranberry Upsidedown Cake which is vegan and gluten free.  (Mine wasn't vegan, I used butter.  But whatever!)  I left the house at about 11:30am for a party at my best friend from high school's.  Then I came back home at 3pm only to find that the party I thought started at 4pm actually said 3pm on the invites so people were there and I WASN'T READY!  /panic  By 7:30pm I was exhausted and just ready to pass out.  Everyone left around 8:30ish and I was in bed and asleep by 10:30pm.

Saturday, I slept in but felt groggy as hell and my head was pounding like someone was physically hitting me.  I got up, started cleaning up the kitchen and got some laundry started.  Then I farmed for pieces of my Red Riding Hood outfit on my priest, stopping only around 12:30pm to get dressed and ready so I could go to my in-law's and learn how to use my new phone.  We ended up watching football and I laughed while my Giants kicked the asses of my in-law's & husband's Packers.  Then we came home and my husband went to bed with a headache.  Really?  REALLY?  There was no sympathy in our house that night.  He went to bed early and I stayed up until 3am farming for my Red Riding Hood outfit.

Monday was a holiday for me, so I was going to sleep in.  However, the goddamn cat woke me up when husband left at 7:30am.  So I got up, ate breakfast, farmed some more, getting every piece but my belt and my shoulders, and got ready to go.  At 10am, I was in town getting my nails done.  At 11am, I was at the tire place getting the tires rotated.  I also got the oil changed and was told that the plug in the oil thing is messed up.  I also told a little later that one of our tires had a screw in it and we can't just repair it, we need a whole new tire.  Argh.

Then I grabbed some lunch, dropped off a box of books at the used book store (got $50 in instore credit) and went grocery shopping.  I was done by 2:40pm which was just in time for a doctor's appointment.  Then, I was home by 3:30pm.  Where I spent half a hour unloading the car and putting away half the groceries.  Then I took off to pick up my best friend from work and feed the office cat.  Got home again at about 5:30, found my last piece of transmog gear on the AH and started dinner.

So, you would think that I would want to go to bed after dinner, since I got little sleep for the last little while (except for Saturday night) but NO!  I wrote the previous post and hopped into a dungeon with my guildies and we capped my valor points on my main.  Then I switched toons to Lil Red Riding Hood.  This was my first time really doing anything 'current' on her since Wrath.  We did the 5 man Dragon Soul instances and I got some nice upgrades for her.  I got a JP ring, and then a ton of quest rewards (a hat, a ring, a wand, a belt and an offhand that I'm only keeping for transmog purposes).  It was so fun.

I had forgotten how to disc priest so End Time was messy and hectic and there were many deaths.  People were butt pulling left and right (this includes my tank husband) and I had to figure out how to smite heal again.  By the time we were at Hour of Twilight, I had gotten my rhythm down and was going at it.  Plus the upgrades probably helped too.  My ilevel is now 369 equipped!

So, I'm so happy that I got a chance to run those dungeons.  It was awesome fun and I loved it.  However, I didn't get to bed until 11pm and then the husband got me up at 6am to exercise so ugh.  Was so worth it though.  Love my disc priest!!


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