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Thursday, March 15, 2012
I have so many things that I've been doing these last few weeks.  My last post was 2 Mondays ago and life has been rather hectic since then.  The only reason I have time at the moment is that I broke the copy machine at the office and can't do my projects without it!

I am still working on my 2012 in 2012.  I feel a little bit screwed out of time by my husband however.  He keeps sending me stacks and stacks of ore to 1. prospect and 2. use the green quality gems to make jewelry to then disenchant.  (This morning, I had a whole page of mails to do this with.)

However, over the last few nights I've been able to get my baby undead hunter to level 35 and my blood elf warrior to 48.  I also started a new blood elf rogue who is currently level 8 and I had to delete my level 6 orc mage on Blade's Edge because I transferred my 85 to the server.  So what that means is that I'm currently at 1907 levels of my 2012.  I'm 94.78% done.  But I had a huge head start.  Sorry guys!  I think I might be playing the longest of all of you so it's probably only fair that I have that many more levels!!

On my other leveling goal, I have 4 more alts to get to 85.  And I really don't want to reroll a DK on my new server since I'm 1 level away on my old one.  But I'm not sure how I'm gonna get that last level.  It's rather frustrating.  I suppose one night I should just man up, grab the husband and go level.  And then DING and then done.

In other news, in Deathwing's Jaw last week, we found a baby drake.  The Reins of the Blazing Drake dropped and everyone went OMGWTFBBQ.  (Also a Maw dropped!! YAY!  Towa, the other healing druid got it!)  Anyway, our little goblin rogue won the drake and then I took some screenshots of him in Org later.  I'll post them when I have a chance.  Maybe tonight.

And in Heroics, we are down two 3 heroics in Firelands, Baleroc, Alysrazor and of course, Rags.  And for our achievement drakes, we're down to 3 achievements, the Alysrazor one, the Shannox one and the one for kneeling.  (I don't even try for that one. I just stand back.)  So yeah.  I leave tomorrow morning for the weekend and I won't be back until Sunday just before raid so I won't get any of the fun of those this week!

So, yay. Thursday updates!  Woo!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Thanks for keeping me up to speed on our guild while I'm not logged in on it. :D

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