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Monday, March 5, 2012
Tonight was raid (as usual) and we all joined together at the appointed time.  We started in Dragon Soul, and got Heroic Morchok.  That was fun.  We almost had him once but he kept throwing his red crystal towards the back of the raid, so we ended up pulling some trash towards the beginning (waaaaay off to the side) and wiped.  However, we got him down the next time and it was awesome and fun.  I got my first heroic piece (the neck) which made me really happy because I'm a huge dork.

We spent sometime working on Heroic Warlord.  Dear lord, that was rough.  I need to do some research on that.  This will be homework.

We also got Minutes to Midnight (achievement on Ultraxion) and Ping Pong Champion (achievement on Warlord).  I think half the guild got the Taste the Rainbow on Yor'sahj that night as well.

Anyway, we cleared through Warmaster, and then had some lag issues for one tank and healer so we called the raid and went to 25 man Naxx for KZ and Saph.  Before that, however, somehow, my guild leader, one of our officers and  our DK spent like 5 minutes chasing me around the deck of the ship.  I laughed so hard that I cried.  The GM and officer both play orcs and they were chasing me with no pants on.  Then our rogue (who is a goblin) was also nude and running around.

I ran them around and around and around the ship, up to the top, then all the way to the back.  It was so fun. Really silly but fun.  I have pictures that the husband took while I was afk.  Apparently they tried to snuggle me.  Or something.  Honestly, I think the pictures look worse then they are.

Anyway, we went and killed KZ and Saph on 25 (me as my mage), then went to OS 10 for the drake (me as my mage) and then did Ruby Sanctum 10 Heroic (me as my druid).  And then, we went and killed Maly 10 man (me on my druid).  So yeah, good times.

On Sunday, we gathered up, finished up Dragon Soul and headed into Firelands.  (I healed Spine but dpsed Madness, then continued to dps through Firelands, until we got to Domo and Rag.)  We got the achievement for Beth'tilac which was a freaking nightmare since our mage kept disconnecting.  So it was me and a shaman on the bottom to kill the spiderlings and I was OOM in like 5 seconds I swear.  Rawr!

So we moved along through Firelands and people picked up transmog gear and other gear.  And I got my heroic shoulders off Domo.  So I have heroic boomkin shoulders!  Woo!

By the time we finished raid, we were all really tired.  So 3 of us finished up the guild dungeon challenges for the week and got us to level 11.  Tonight, I'm going to play my warrior.  Who I've neglected horribly for the past few weeks.  This weekend was another weekend of 'only being around for raids' since I had errands to run all day on Saturday and then on Sunday the husband and I drove to my mom's new house and helped paint the kitchen and living room.  (Which is like half the freaking house.)  At this point, my hands hurt so bad from holding the paint brush I'm amazed I can type and hold a mouse!

And I'd like to take this opportunity to tell my one of my best friend's congratulations on his normal Madness kill!  Yay!!!! :D


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