4.2 Patch Day

Tuesday, June 28, 2011
And it's patch day again.  Today we get that much anticipated raid, Firelands.  I will admit that I've only read a little bit about the upcoming patch.  I know that my druid's mastery is changing.  I know that I'm excited about the new dailies I can do in Hyjal.  I know I now have 3 characters I want to do all these things on and I'm not sure how to go about doing that.

Last night, I got my mage, who was my first level 60 horde character and my first level 70 character, to 85.  I fell  out of love with her in Wrath, and just logged onto her to do some alchemy when I needed too (she's transmute specced).  However, now the love affair has been started up again.  I started doing archeology on her so I could get a chance to get the Vial of Sands.  So I got to level 83 doing that.  Then I shelved her and started playing lowbie alts.  However, with the Midsummer festival, I decided I'd throw her into some easy XP.  I got half a level from doing Kalimdor and Outlands.  I hit 84 and decided that since I was so close, I'd run around and do some leveling in Hyjal and Vashjir.  Finished Hyjal, mostly for the rep for the hat enchant and the ability to do the new dailies when the patch came out, and am about half way through Vashjir.

But, today is patch day.  So I must shelf my mage and my priest for a while.  Karegina needs my full attention.  She has dailies in Hyjal to do!  I am not sure what my goal there is, but I have a feeling that I'll be doing something different then my always active husband.



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