Impressions of 4.2

Wednesday, June 29, 2011
Honestly, I love the new area.  Except that it's the typical 'first day' syndrome.  Bunch of flagged people being asshats, standing on quest givers, running around being punks.  I convinced my best friend (my co-healer in our raids), my husband and my best friend's husband (who is our guild master) to go with me to do the Thrall questline and the first batch of dailies.

The Thrall questline was were the most asshats were.  It started with flagged Alliance in that little grove where Aggra and the dragons are.  We went to the Air spire, where there were more flagged Alliance.  I flipped from boomkin to resto to make things easier for my friends and suddenly my husband says "Aw, shit."  He'd tab targeted a hunter and got flagged.  So, of course, now I'm flagged as I'm throwing rejuvs around while actually fighting.  The hunter turns to me and starts attacking.  I tell everyone in party chat "kill the hunter, he's attacking me."  The hunter goes down, and the 4 of us clear the area of flagged Alliance.  We finish up, killing off the stragglers that show up and as we're getting ready to leave, a force of about 5-8 flagged Alliance show up.  They're right next to Aggra, between us and the edge.  So my little shaman buddy thunderstorms them off the side.  It was awesome.

We get to the Water area, our PVP buffs wear off and we easily finish that up.  Then it's off to Deepholm.  We don't get flagged there and move onto the Firelands.  Which was covered in flagged Alliance.  They're running between you and the mobs, standing on them so you might hit them.  Husband judges a rogue by accident and ends up flagged.  He tells me not to heal him, so my shaman buddy heals him instead, getting flagged herself.  So I heal both of them and the 3 of us die in a 4 pally blender.  Argh.  ARGH!  We run back, and stand there until our PVP buff wears off.

We finish off the questline, I start to sniffle (yeah. I'm overly emotional these days!) and I get a sweet new cloak.  I reforged a bit of the mastery to spirit since I love me some spirit.

We headed over to the new daily area, which was pretty awesome.  It really sucks that you only get 2 dailies to do at first.  I'm gonna start doing those dailies on my priest I think.  I can't wait to get my 20 tokens to unlock the next area!  Woot woot!

I'm pretty pleased with what I've seen so far.  We're not going to step into Firelands the raid yet.  Looks like this week we're going to try to down Nef and then maybe move to BoT next week.  I hope that's our plan at least!

And lastly, BOE valor bracers.  About. Freaking. Time.  Someday I will get them!


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