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Friday, July 8, 2011
My guild still hasn't stepped foot into the Firelands raid.  Our raidleader (my dear husband) wants us to clear through the old content first so we can move forward better.

So last night we went to BoT and did okay.  We got to Ascendant Council and wiped on them for a while.  We were figuring it out however, so that's a bonus.  We actually got them to like 5% on our last wipe of the night.

Unfortunately, I ended up with a headache that came on about 20 minutes before raid ended.

I'm really enjoying raids again.  My name, Reluctant Raider, comes from the fact that I was NOT interested in raids when we started doing them back in BC.  I only did them because my best friends and husband wanted to.  Now, two expansions later, I'm getting into it and looking forward to raid night.  I'm hoping we bump it up to two nights a week so we can actually get some movement.

We 9 manned things yesterday as well.  Because our 10th was not available for raiding and we didn't feel like pugging it.  Ugh.  Stupid roster problems.

I've been doing my Hyjal dailies every day with my husband.  Even on days I don't want to, he drags me out there so we can do them together.  I hear it will take 33 days to unlock everything.  Ugh.  I guess that's not a long time, but seriously Blizz, driving me crazy!!

So, we're moving forward.  Slowly but moving forward.  Yay.


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