Healing for a Priest

Thursday, July 28, 2011
So, a couple months ago, we got a holy priest in the guild.  He was around for a bit but then suddenly disappeared.  Well, he came back a couple days ago and signed up for raid.  We went in and took a couple swings at Nef, got him to 10-15% a couple of times and then called it for the day.  We logged our attempts and as usual, people reviewed them and we moved forward.  Our poor newish holy priest hadn't done any Cata raiding, beyond Baradon Hold, so we looked at him and analyzed his healing a bit.

So the next day, I log in and start doing my favorite thing ever.  "Pimp the new healer."  He is in mostly 346's, almost straight across, he's got a couple purples and he's saving up justice points to get his tier 11 chest.  So yay there!  I got him some enchants and gems, talked to him about his spec and glyphs and then left him alone for a while.  Later that day, instead of raiding, we did some heroics and I got to see how he heals.  I gave him some pointers (my favorite alt is a holy priest) and he seemed to be doing better by the end of the night.

I'm not some awesome healer that knows everything, but I've been a healer long enough to know how to generally heal on most healers (except paladins).  My new priest buddy was willing to take advice and was very awesome about everything.  That made me really happy.  Yay.


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