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Monday, July 11, 2011
So, Sunday, I decided to craft myself a butt ton of PVP gear and start killing my fellow players.  Boy did that not turn out the way I was expecting.

I decided to do Tol Barad with my guild.  Did you know that if you're a primarily 10 man raiding healer with rather large frames, running a 40 man PVP raid will cause your raid frames to take up a good deal of your screen.

Yes, I have a crappy UI.  I haven't finished rebuilding it after 4.2 destroyed it.

I spent my time hanging out at Slagworks, aka "Slag" apparently.  And after standing around with my head up my ass for about 10 minutes, the Alliance started to pour in.  I managed to stay alive for the first onslaught but I quickly died and was poofed to the graveyard.  I ran back in, and died again.  This happened about 2 or 3 more times.  Then we stabilized (I think most of the Alliance left Slag and went to the mythical place called WV) and we took control again.

Once again, we stood around and captured the point, before the Alliance came and murdered us.  This was apparently a bad battle, since the Alliance had 5 holy pallies.  Also, the Alliance apparently knows how to defend their healers, and the Horde does not.  (At least on our server, this is what the the more experienced PVP healers in my guild say.) 

I have PVPed before.  I played a lot of Arathi Basins on my mage back in Vanilla and some Warsong Gulches on my druid also back in Vanilla.  I got titles for both of my characters.  (Of course, it was only Sergeant on my mage and Scout on my druid, but hey!  That's something!)  I loved it.  But then Burning Crusade came out and I lost the love.  I barely PVPed in BC, I did a little more in Wrath but never a lot.  I would only do it after I won a piece of PVP gear off the Wintergrasp raid bosses.  I have not PVPed for real since Cata came out.  (Despite the whining and cajoling of my best friends and husband.) 

So, time to brush off my PVP skills, if I had any to begin with.  Wish me luck!


  1. Amowrath said...:

    Have I at long last found a kindred spirit? I know precisel how you feel..ty for putting down the words

  1. My least favorite part of any kind of PVP is how my body reacts. I start to sweat, my hands get clammy and I tense up. I did a couple more TBs since my first (I think 3 total) and after each one I ended up with a horrid headache. But I will master the fear!

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