Gearing and my bad luck

Thursday, July 14, 2011
Since Ulduar, I have had bad luck with a specific gear slot.  My bracers.  My best friend didn't get the leather caster bracer pattern while we were running ToC, in fact, I want to say that it never dropped for us until we were doing ToC for fun.  However, one of our tailors did get the spirit cloth bracers pattern.  As a result, I wrangled up the mats and had the cloth bracers made for me.

I felt weird wearing cloth as I was a "only wear leather" kind of girl but hell, we hadn't downed Vezax in 10 man Ulduar before we moved to ToC, nor did we get past Hodir in 25 man Ulduar.  Not to mention that no one in ToC decided to drop their bracers for me.  As we moved into ICC, I was determined to get better bracers.  I plotted, I planned, I sacrificed undead rogues to the loot gods.  All in vain.  Festergut never dropped his bracers on 10 man and Valithria Dreamwalker, that stupid dragon, never left them in her cache for me in 25 man.  In fact, the bracers only dropped 1 time in 10 man and that was when we were doing heroics.  And I wasn't in the raid.  I was very unhappy with raiding at that point in time.  I was tired all the time and generally not feeling well.  The doctors hadn't figured out my medication yet and I had not been diagnosed with sleep apnea.  So, I begged off on running heroics.  I had them take our new resto shaman and our new disc priest instead of me.  And lo, my bracers dropped on heroic.  I whined a bit, but whatever, I was burned out and tired and sick so I didn't really care.

When The Ruby Sanctum opened, we had stopped doing 25 mans, so I never had a chance to try for bracers out of there.  In fact, I didn't do Ruby Sanctum until after Cata was out and I was 85.

So, my bracers in Cataclysm.  It's a well documented fact that there are 2 pairs of bracers for ilevel 333, 1 pair of bracers for ilevel 346 and 1 pair for ilevel 359.  At least in PVE gear.  (I don't count PVP since I'm not a PVPer.  See my earlier post on that.)  I had green bracers until my husband was in a random that had the Bracers of Caustic Purification drop.  He managed to win them for me and I got to upgrade my ilevel 318 or whatever greens.  I did some research and discovered that there are no spirit bracers from regular heroics.  I would have to farm Corla in Blackrock Caverns in order to get them.

However, I hate to farm and didn't think I could get anyone to go with me to farm Corla every day, so I stayed with my crappy 333 bracers.  I whined to my friends and my husband about how there are no spirit bracers and looked forward to the day we would be raiding and I could get pretty purples.

Unfortunately, we only downed Chimaeron two or three times before we stopped raiding and that horrible thing never dropped my bracers.  I stopped referring to him as his name and started calling him "My Bracers".  Hoping that this would help him realize that he needed to drop my bracers.  I sacrificed everything from blood elf pallies, to tauren warriors, to goblin shaman and the loot gods still did not smile upon me.

Because I hadn't found my desire for raiding when we stopped, my guild started raiding on nights that I wasn't home, in order to free me from feeling like I had to accompany them.  So, I came home one night and looked over my husband's shoulder.  I saw they were just getting ready to pull Chimaeron and I said "Kick the healer that is taking my spot and send me an invite, I want my bracers.  You know they'll drop if I'm not there."  My husband laughed and said he couldn't do that.  So I watched from over his shoulder.  It took them a few tries, but then eventually downed him and I logged off.  I didn't want to see if they dropped.  I left the room.

My husband muttered something and I called from the other room "Did they drop?"  And I got a "Yeah.  They did" in return.  My heart sank into my stomach.  It was ICC all over again.  They will never drop again while we are in BWD, I just know it.

Luckily, Blizzard put out those lovely troll dungeons at 4.1.  And one of the drops off bear boss in ZA are caster bracers!!  But once again, I don't like to push myself forward so again, the few times I've run ZA that sucker hasn't dropped his bracers for me.  But what was this?  BOE caster bracers that I can buy with valor points?  YES PLEASE!  Now I just need to actually do random heroics to get valor points.

Those bracers will be mine.  They WILL be.


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